Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools and Free Computerized Twister Spinner

April Fools, the one day a year when everyone is as silly as me. I discovered a couple April Fools jokes on the net today:

I'm too late to fool anyone because, as everyone knows, if you fool someone after 12 that makes you the biggest April fool of all the fools (or something like that). But what I can give you is this:

Download it (Just clickety-click on the above link and say "yes" to whatever it wants you to do). If you're like me, you still have your old Twister game kicking around but you never play it because you need a third person to spin (and it's hard enough to convince even one person to play). Your troubles are over with this computerized spinner. You too can enjoy this gorgeous Flash replica of the Twister spinner, with audio spin-calling. That's right, the spins are called out in my own voice so you don't even have to look at the screen. Just dive for that big coloured dot!

You can also see the program on-line by clicking here.


zydeco fish said...

Damn, and I was hoping the Google Gulp thing was true.

Angad Adlakha said...

WOW thanks sooo sooo much for the spinner! I was making twister at home, and needed n idea for a spinner, haha, guess my friends will be impressed atleast by the spinner, let the sheet be... hehe..

thanks again.


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