Thursday, June 29, 2006

Baby picture!

As you can see the offspring (that grey blob at the bottom of the black circle) is quite photogenic. Already it's 2 centimetres long! Okay, so it's less than an inch, but considering that whole sac was 7mm less than three weeks ago, I consider 2 cm huge. The coolest part was the tiny heart beat, I could see it pulsating in the middle of the blob. That proves that there really is a baby in there (and they aren't just tricking me by showing me pics of my kidneys or something).

I'm doing much better than last time I posted. Today I puked for the first time since Friday and that was only because they made me drink a whole bunch of water right around lunch time. The idea is my bladder should be full so the ultrasound lady can see stuff better. Unfortunately, the water never really ended up in my bladder. Oh well.

This weekend we're going camping with two other couples. There's a limit of six people per camp site. Little do they know, that we're disobeying the rules. Including unborn children, there'll be at least eight people on site!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Feeling pregnanter

My kid's not even born yet and already he's disrespecting his mother. He's using his magical fetus powers for evil, causing me to feel all nauseous and gross. Whereas before I ate a lot because I had this enormous appetite, now I eat a lot so that I'll have something to puke up later. I know this is a normal part of pregnancy but I really don't see the point. Don't I need that food for me and my baby? It all seems counter-productive to me.

In other pregnant news, I think my breasts have gotten slightly larger. I wouldn't have thought my DD girls would have anywhere else to grow. They hurt too. Not a lot, just enough to be annoying. I started wearing a "sleep bra" at night and that seems to help.

Just a normal life for a baby-factory/milk-machine.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stuff that's going on (1-3)

1 I blogged before about my sweet German grandmother. Well Omi's in the hospital right now. My whole family went to visit her on Tuesday when she got there (we all kept sneaking in even though only one person was "allowed"). Then Mom and I visited with her yesterday. We watched a romantic comedy (Omi's genre of choice) on Mom's laptop then spent the rest of the day following Omi's stretcher around while they did all kinds of tests and x-rays. She'll stay in the hospital until she can get into a nursing home. With the alzeimer's and everything, she really can't live by herself in the condo anymore.

2 On a lighter note. This morning I had my first prenatal. I just love having people poke at my cervix. Woohoo! My doctor couldn't determine my due date from the last ultrasound because it was too early, so I get to do another one at the end of the month. I had this list of questions about what to ask the doctor, but who knows where that went and I only remembered a few. He said that it's probably okay to eat peanut butter as long as it's not a million tonnes, and that bug spray with deet is no good, and to also be careful of the natural kinds because they may have funky ingredients. I have A positive blood. I told my doctor that I knew I would get an A+. He thought that was the most hillarious thing in the world and gave me a high five.

3 Still working for the census except I'm now enumerating at a call centre for an hourly rate. This is a thousand times better than getting paid per form (we were given the choice). I was on the phone calling peeps tonight from 7 to 9 and I only got 2 census forms filled out (they take about 3 minutes each). All the other numbers were not in service or nobody was home. The call list we're given sucks. No, really, it sucks. Only maybe 55% of the listings have phone numbers and another 80% of those are not in service or wrong numbers. I don't know where the government comes up with these phone numbers, perhaps they came to the prime minister in a dream.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A blog entry for Adam

This morning my darling husband told me that he's bored at work and needs a blog entry to read. If you're really that bored, sweetie, I direct you to the "Blogs I Like" section of the sidebar, since I doubt this blog entry will last anyone all day (most of the blogs listed also have "Blogs I Like" sections, so theoretically you could be surfing blogs untill the end of time).

Anyway. I need to think of a girl's name in case I have a girl. For a boy, we're thinking William, but we have no clue whatever about girls. I know it's still early, but last night I dreamt I had a daughter who looked about two years old and she still didn't have a name. I was asking her to choose what her name should be. She came up with some (I forget them) but they were stupid and you could tell she was just being silly and didn't really want to pick a name. I don't want to have a nameless daughter! Any suggestions? Please!

BTW: In my dream my daughter had blonde curly hair and looked a bit like Shirley Temple.

Friday, June 09, 2006

There's really something in there

I got my first ultrasound done yesterday. It's early, but my doctor just loves doing tests. Plus I'm a dork who doesn't know exactly when my last period was (I think April 27?). Must be about right because the ultrasound lady said my pregnancy is probably about 5 weeks along. The gestational sac (egg shaped blob where the baby lives) is about 7 mm.

When it's this early they don't print off a picture or anything (you'll just have to take my word for it that it looks just like Adam). Anyway, I'll just have to show you pictures of other people's babies. According to my friend the internet this is what a fetus looks like at 5 weeks:

I find this pretty neat because it's got organs and eyes and stuff, just like a real person. Of course this "person" is big enough to fit comfortably in a 7mm sac. (The caption on the photo said the fetus is 2mm long here).

Wouldn't it be nice if ultrasound images were that detailed? This pic is closer to what I saw yesterday:

That little round thing that gloveman is pointing to is the 7mm sac where the baby lives. This is about what it looked like on my ultrasound, too. Ultrasound lady thought we might see more if she stuck a camera right up my woohoo, so she did. With that camera we could see that there was a slightly lighter area in the blob, which the ultrasound lady said were the "contents" (in other words, the baby). She also said she'd leave it up to my doctor for any other sage interpretations of the photos.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lasik Party

Yesterday I had a party to celebrate my fabulous new vision. I planned this before I found out the even-more-life-changing news. Anyway I had a lot of good friends show up and we had fun. I made this yummy non-alcoholic punch with fruits floating in it:

2 liters Sprite
2 liters no-name mango punch
2 liters rasberry sorbet
2 can pineapple
Some 2 bananas and some strawberries all cut up

All the boys gravitated around the Nintendo and played Mario Kart. All the girls talked about babies and weddings (my friends Becky and Val are getting married, not to each other). A few token moments were spent chatting about how the eye surgery went.

After everyone left I realized I had neglected to put up the cool LASIK Party poster that I made ages ago:

Oh well. Despite the lack of the poster, a good time was had by all.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baby's First Outfit

I went to the doctor today but I forgot to ask a million things that I should have asked. So all he did was take my blood and say "Congratulations." I'm going to make a list of questions for next time.

My mom (who is awesome) took me to the doctor's office and then we went out for lunch. Afterwards we went shopping for an outfit for the hypothetical infant. The reasoning being that buying the outfit would change the baby from hypothetical to real. After all, only real babies can wear sleepers.

Since I don't know yet whether my little zygote is a boy or a girl, the choices were limited. We finally settled on a green sleeper set with cute elephants on it:

My baby will be totally stylin'

Still Don't Feel Pregnant

I have a doctor's appointment today with my real doctor. I'm terrified that he's going to tell me that it was all a mistake and I'm not really pregnant. My period is late now, but only by a few days, nowhere near the "Oh my Spock! I'm pregnant!" mark.

I know it's stupid to be worried, because two tests told me I am, and one of them was done in a real doctor's office (even if it was just a walk-in). Still, the few symptoms I've had are the same ones I get as my period announces its arrival. I haven't felt nauseous since the day I tested, so I figure my baby (and I use the term loosely) was just annoyed that I was ignoring it and now that I'm thinking about it it's happy. Or maybe I just imagined it and I'm not pregnant at all.

Possible pregnancy symptoms (in addiction to the ones mentioned in the previous entry)
  • Increased appetite. I went out to dinner and ate everything on my plate, including the potato wedges and vegetables. This after I shared a plate of nachos. And I still had room for dessert! Do you know how often I have enough appetite to eat all that? About once a month, just before my period comes.
  • Some mild cramps. Another pregnancy/period symptom. I don't always get cramps with my period but when I do, they're about like these ones. Just my uterus reminding me that it's there, but not really hurting.

Yesterday I came home from class and my husband had bought me What to Expect When You're Expecting and a bottle of pre-natal vitamins and a box of mini-wheats (we were out of cereal). He had also cleaned the kitchen and done all the dishes. I have the best husband in the world.

Speaking of What to Expect When You're Expecting, that is the most text heavy book in the history of time. The table of contents alone takes 20 minutes to read. Hopefully there's something in there that will actually tell me what to expect. It talks a lot about "hugging the toilet" during the first trimester, so I think I've been unusually lucky so far with the morning sickness thing. I'm hoping it stays that way.

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