Saturday, October 30, 2004

All the World's waiting for Me!

Here's a picture of me and Adam as Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor at K&K's Halloween party:

And here's a picture of me as Wonder Woman (so you can see me, sexy boots and all):

And guess what? I won fourth prize in the costume contest! Here is a picture of my trophy:

Speech! Speech!

Special thanks are due to Becca, who hemmed the skirt, altered the bathing suit, sewed the belt (though Adam's Mom insisted on redoing it), and sewed the sexy red booties. Also thank you to Adam's mom who improved the belt, sewed on the eagle, and lent her ID tag clip to the lasso of truth. Thank you to Kevin and Kerri for hosting the extravaganza and to all the folks who voted for me, especially Adam (because he's the cutest). For the record I, who cannot sew any better than a drunken idiot, sewed on the red stars (bracelet and crown), and sewed the the cape ALL BY MYSELF out of dollar-store scarves (I also painted the stars on but WHO CARES, we all knew I could paint).

In closing I would like to say: it's thundering really loud outside! (I know that had nothing to do with anything but listen to it! Aaaah!)

Saturday, October 23, 2004


In my dream I was a small boy of about eight. My parents and I were running from someone. We thought we'd have a better chance if we split up. We had to get to Luxenburg. I went the wrong way on the stairs and missed the train. For some reason I had to give my wallet to a chubby black man in order to get to the bus. When I got to the bus I realized I had no money so I tried to bow my head and get by the driver. She was going to let me on anyway because she saw my train ticket but I had to show my driver's licence. I went back inside to get my wallet. There were hundreds of identically dressed people in chairs facing forward. The black man was among them. He mimed that I needed my wallet. I nodded and he got it for me. When I got back to the bus there was a tv screen on the side of it that said there was a plague emergency that the bus had to respond to. It started to leave without me. I jumped on the side of the bus and held on. Eventually the bus driver stopped and let me in. By this time I was myself.

Some odd things about this dream:
  • To my knowledge, I have never dreamt I was someone else before. I didn't recognize the eight-year-old or his parents.
  • What eight-year-old has a drivers licence? This seemed perfectly normal in my dream and became a non-issue since by the time it got time to show my licence I was myself (though even when I was the eight-year-old the wallet I recognized as my own).
  • I know nothing about Luxenburg other than it must be somewhere in Europe (because of the German sounding name). I have no idea why I would dream that I needed to get there. I looked it up on the net just now, though, and some info can be found here.
  • Somethings seemed normal to me that should have been weird: What's with the identically dressed people? Why would a bus need to respond to a plague?

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Good, the Bad, and the Letter B

The day started off great. I went to work with my honeybear at Metropolitan Printing. They needed someone to put calendar pages in order and I am their calendar girl! (ok, so the work itself was not all-fire exciting but I it's nice to be making money for a change. Plus, Adam is cute when he's working on stuff). When I got home there was a message from Royal Bank. They are going to do interview with me over the phone for a position as "Fraud Agent".

This is all good but it's all down hill from there. Shortly after I talked to the RBC lady, I got a call from Becca telling me that one of our friends is in the hospital. When I got off the phone with Becca I got a call for Kelona Airlines saying "Sorry, no job for you, but we'll keep your résumé on file for a laugh." What the #$@#? Clearly I am the best person for the job! I AM SO #$@# CHEERY!

In other news I have an over-occurrence of the letter "B" in my dreams lately. Blueberries, Becel, butter, bag, blog, bucket (last night) and Bloor, Brant, Burlington (the other night I happened to remember my dream). This is too many to be a coincidence isn't it? What could this mean?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Team America World Police

Stupidity, hillarity and a total lack of shyness about using the F-word. That's what you expect from the South Park creater. And that's what you get. With Puppets! This movie is super funny. ****

I feel the need to list some of my favourite parts but that would spoil the movie! (So you gots to highlight to read them)

  • When they were attacked by panthers that were really pussy cats
  • The pussy, dick, asshole speech
  • Matt Damon
  • The montage song
  • The inspecter getting eaten by sharks
  • Blowing up the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, the Pyramids, the Sphinx
  • Lease, the musical
  • I.N.TE.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.
  • America Fuck Yeah (Bummer Remix)

Just in case you were curious and read them...don't worry they're not in order (and there's lots more funny parts). :)

Fun Facts

For lack of original material to blog about I have decided to shamelessly plagarize some facts I found at :

  • Humans are the only species on earth that have face-to-face sex.
  • The average bra size today is 36C. Ten years ago it was 34B.
  • The animal responsible for the most human deaths worldwide is the mosquito.
  • The word "pornography" comes from the Greek meaning the "writings of prostitutes."
  • The Bible, the world's best-selling book, is also the world's most shoplifted book.
  • People who drink coffee are less likely to commit suicide than people who don’t.
  • According to statistics, Australian women are most likely to have sex on the first date.
  • Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of the blue whale.
  • The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds—more than any other animal.
  • Women who went to college are more likely than high school dropouts to enjoy both the giving and receiving of oral sex.

For those of you who are curious:

  • I'm about a half a cup above average
  • I don't drink coffee (but I'm not depressed)
  • I went to college/uni

Friday, October 15, 2004

Weirdo Chocolate Sour Lady Bugs

My family got these weird candies for halloween. They're chocolate lady bugs with green sour filling. Bizarre. It's like eating a sour kid and a hershey bar at the same time. Is it just me or are those tastes not meant to be together? Maybe I'm just old and set in my ways. I should expand my horizons and eat all kinds of junk food together. BBQ chips and gummy bears, Easter Bunny and cotton candy (actually that would be kind of good).

Monday, October 11, 2004

Before I tell you about yesterday I have to tell you about this dream...

In my dream I was watching a Looney Tunes Cartoon with Eireann then suddenly we were driving down the wrong side of the road with cars swerving to avoid us. At first I thought it was a live action part of the cartoon. Eireann was driving. We were pulled over by the army. The head army person was a woman with big triangular earrings. I thought the cartoon must be made in the 80s. I was surprised to find we were in Burlington and had been driving down Brant Street. We walked around and there were all kinds of big white tents set up. Everyone seemed to recognize Eireann and I from the news. They said we had been driving the wrong way down Bloor Street (since Bloor is in Toronto, I guess we must have been driving a while before the army pulled us over!). I saw Adam and he was eating a waffle shaped like a pizza slice. I saw there were waffles in a pizza pan with a sign above them that said "Waffles 16 cents" I asked Adam to by me one. He showed me that there was a table full of waffles and I took one. Looking back at the sign I realized it said "Waffles 16$" and it meant the whole waffle pizza. I guess you could take the slices to sample.

FREAKY THING: When I woke up this morning I could swear there was someone next to my bed. Whoever it was was whispering to try to get me to wake up and waving their hand in front of my face. I forced myself to wake up to see who it was. There was noone there. I was so sure there was someone that I looked under my bed to see if maybe my nephew was hiding there. Nope. What's freaky is that I still find it hard to convince myself I was dreaming. My brain knows I was dreaming but I still feel like there was someone there.


Yesterday I went horseback riding with my Mom, my aunt Donna, my cousin Kelly, and Adam (Uncle Gordie, Dad, and my other cousin Joey came too but they didn't go on the trail with us). Anyway. For those of you who don't know, I am super allergic to horses, but I thought I haven't been around horses in a while, maybe I am over my allergy. Just to be sure I took 2 Benedryl before I left which made me fall asleep in the car (don't worry, I wasn't driving). I had a horse named JW who insisted in being last in line and walking like ten billion miles away from the second last horse in line. Even though the guy who helped me on the horse told me how to "steer" it, it became clear in about three seconds that JW was going to listen to me about as much as a grade eight class does (not at all). When we got to the end of the trail JW found a nice patch of grass and refused to stop eating! Everyone went back to the coral and I was stuck there all alone on a grazing horse! Finally the guide came over and lead us both back to the coral. JW was very embarrassed and apologized (no, not really).

Here's a picture of JW:

BTW: I am NOT over my horse allergy but I think the Benedryl helped (I was coughing and sniffling but had no trouble breathing). Also it turns out Kelly, who had never been riding before, is allergic to horses too! Oh well, some people just have to smell a peanut and they die a horrible death so I'm not going to complain too much about the horse thing.

BBTW: Maybe all the drugs and allergens is what caused me to hallucinate this morning.

BBBTW: Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Adam's Work

Adam just hired me to work for a couple weeks at his work. Finally a job where I get hired based on sexiness and lovability! Anyway. It will be nice to make a few bits of money for a change. If the flight attendant thing doesn't work out maybe I can be Adam's personal assistant (or vice versa as long as we both get paid).

Thursday, October 07, 2004


I have another interview for a flight attendant position today at 11 am. (something about me the airlines seem to like)


Everyone wish me

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Wedding Blog

I started a new blog having to do with me and Adam's wedding plans. From now on anything Adam or I have to post related to our wedding plans will go on Jen and Adam's Wedding Blog or on this blog, or his blog, or wherever we feel like it.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Bridal Show Extravaganza!

Yesterday I went to the bridal show. Adam came. So did his mom AND my mom (the first time they met. Surprisingly painless.). Three of my posse (bridesmaids) came: Amy, Becca and Eireann. My MOH sister couldn't come (taking the ringbearer to the firestation) neither could Adam's sister Julie (had to go to TO to do her photography homework). We walked around the to all the booths and entered contests with address labels Adam printed off. The highlight of the show (well there were 2 highlights):

Highlight 1: Trying on wedding dresses. Don't worry, Adam didn't see. All the dresses at the show were size 8 which I am not ashamed to say is a WEE BIT TIGHT. Dress 1 of 2 was a strapless number in white. It didn't zip up but I still looked super hot (er...I mean elegant, yeah that's it). Dress 2 of 2 was a halter corsette thing in off-white. The white is nicer than the off-white. As far as the style, it would have worked had the top not been a size or 2 too small. It looked okay when I first put it on but then the saleslady laced it up for me. She kept tightening and tightening until my girls were ready to pop out and I looked like a Victorian prostitute. Discovery: the dress holds me up as good as any bra. Woohoo. I have pictures of my dress trying experience (which I can't post because Adam would see). I also later made an excellent facsimile out of lego (which I will post as soon as Becca sends me the pic).

Highlight 2: Chocolate fountain. At $750 it won't be a go for our wedding but is this thing ever cool. Melty fondue cascading out of a fountain with all kinds of fruit layed out for us. Yum! Becca believes in our ability to make one ourselves (though the fruit will be too expensive when she has her wedding in May..that's totally the only reason she won't make one...TOTALLY).

We also saw a bridal fashion show. That was fun, though the dresses all look the same after a while. None of the guy's suits had tails which was disappointing.

The best part of the day was that I had my four best friends with me. Thanks girls (and Adam).
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