Friday, September 23, 2005

How Spock Picks his Oranges

New Flash!

Citrus Meld

Drive what all the unique people are driving.

So I was intrigued by this popup ad with a guy in a Star Trek uniform doing Tai Chi. The message: "maintain your identity". I'm all about that, says I. So I checked out the website. Turns out Saab is exploiting people's uniqueness in order to sell cars. To me, this is silly. So here's what Saab is saying:

"Don't follow the crowd! Maintain your identity! Be like these people! Buy a SAAB!" Am I the only person who sees this message as contradictory?

Anyway check it out:

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Writer's Block

Here's the perfect animated gif to depict what it's like to be a writer. I can't take credit for this one guys, my mom's friend sent it to me, and I recently saw it again on some guy's blog.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Remember I said I'd post some Mexico pics...Well here you go.

This is our fabulously ritzy resort Riu Palace Mexico.

This is the beach at our fabulously ritzy resort.

This is me and my hunky husband with two monkeys. The guy said that the monkey's were named Ringo Starr and Jimmy Hendrix. Ringo bit me on the ear. Hopefully I don't have rabies.

This is me walking on a beach in Mexico.

This is my hunky husband standing in the street some where near 5th Avenue. 5th Ave is full of little souvenir shops to buy stuff made by Mexican artisans (or copies of stuff made by Mexican Artisans).

This is Chichen Itza the famous Mayan pyramid.

This is me climbing Chichen Itza.

This is me swimming in an underground, freshwater, tropical paradise called a sink hole. There's a hole where all the sunlight pours in and you can see all the roots of the trees above you.

Here I am in a hammock, trying to to relax!

Monday, September 12, 2005

We're married and stuff

Here we are, all married and stuff. I haven't gone through all our pictures yet, but I did shamelessly punk this one from my friend's blog.
The wedding went really well and everyone said I looked like a princess (which was the goal). Thanks to everyone who took part. Hope you guys had a good time and enjoyed the Polish food and the open bar (but not TOO much).

We just got back from our honeymoon yesterday night. Mexico was great. I'll totally go again. We stayed at the Riu Palace Mexico in Playa de Carmen which seems like the ritziest place in the universe, yet was reasonably priced enough for us to afford BEFORE opening our money gifts. I'll post some pics later. Honestly we were living it up like Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howell III. All you blog readers should gather your sheckles together and GO!

Anyway the most important thing is that I AM TOTALLY MADLY IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND.
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