Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in review

Today I'm supposed to think back over the past seven days and think of the things that went really well for me. These can be trivial or more life changing.  It was an uneventful week for the most part so mostly trivial then.

1. I've had Jadzia wandering around the house half naked (bottom half) to encourage her to use the potty.  It's worked fairly well.  She goes pee by herself on the toilet.  She's even climbed onto the big toilet by herself and one time she managed to get the nail polish and reward herself by painting her nails. Occasionally she has accidents, and by "accidents" I of course mean deliberately peeing on a piece of furniture just to get a rise out of daddy.

2. I registered Jadzia for junior kindergarten. She wore underwear and went pee in the staff washroom at school. I mentioned to the secretary that she wasn't quite toilet trained and she handed me a pamphlet. The fact that they have such pamphlets for parents of kindergarten students makes me feel so much better about having a stubborn 3-year-old in diapers.

3. My inlaws gave us a new tv.  It is much flatter than our old tv and hangs nicely on the wall. My husband is now obsessed with watching our blu ray movies to take advantage of the good picture quality.  Last night, Avatar.  We still have our ginormous tv (which was also a hand me down from the inlaws) and it still works, so if anyone has the man power to attempt to remove it from our basement, it can be yours.

So that's it.  Now I'm supposed to have good good happy feelings that last for months and months.  Well, I don't feel depressed or anything, so it must be working!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nice to be appreciated

I recently received a prestigious blogging award from my friend Sharon over at Romance & Beyond. Thanks Sharon! Award, meme, same difference.  Anyway, here are the rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.  (Check)
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.  (See below)
3. Pass the Award on to 10 deserving blog buddies. (10? Really? Kind of cheapens the whole award that I have to send it to that many. What makes you think I even have 10 friends, let alone 10 friends with "Irresistibly Sweet" blogs?)
4. Contact those buddies and let them know. (Meh, if I feel like it)

Now 7 random facts:

1. I have a preference for brightly coloured clothing, particularly red.  Sometimes I even dye my hair red and then wear red pants, a red shirt, and a red jacket.  Totally stylin'

2. I am easily distracted and enjoy all kinds of computer games. They keep me from productive activities including (but not limited to) laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, writing and painting.

3. I have green eyes, but my husband and kids all have brown eyes.

4. I love karaoke.

5. My favourite show is Star Trek: the Next Generation

6. I sent an e-mail to my husband today telling him how much I appreciate him.  This was today's part of the 59 seconds perfect diary.

7. I got 90s in math in high school and found algebra to be kind of fun.

Ten deserving blogging buddies: Natalie, BlagHag, Zydeco Fish, Sylvia McNicoll, Design Chicks Blogaboo, Space Craig,  A.J. Mullarky, Alex J Cavanaugh, Glitter Word, Tracey's Tavern

Some of these bloggers I know, some I only feel like I know because I read their blogs. Check them out. If you feel like it, let them know you got there from my blog (mention the award in case I don't get around to it).

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Future Fantastic

Today, as part of Professor's Wiseman's perfect diary, I'm going to write about my future. I'm to imagine everything has worked out wonderfully, all my dreams come true and all my goals realized.  Interestingly, this sort of visualization will not help me actually realize my goals.  For that, I'd have to create a step by step plan and imagine all the obstacles I'll have to overcome. But this isn't about achieving one's goals, this is about good good happy feelings.

Next year my book will be out and I'll be finished the second one.  Having one book published, I'll easily land an agent for the second book and she will be busily negotiating with all the big wig publishers. My improv skills will get me into the invite-only advanced class and I'll do my first show in front of an audience. People will see my mad skills on stage and run right home to purchase my ebook, hoping it's just as entertaining.  They won't be disappointed.  In fact, I'll receive rave reviews on both the show and the novel.  I'll get a little extra money with my new found fame and I'll take the whole family on a canoeing trip in Algonquin. Also I'll pay off my Visa and start work on my Star Trek basement. I'll get that new red couch I've had my eye on forever and no one will pee on it or chew it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good times

Tuesday's prescribed writing assignment from Professor Wiseman is to think about a happy even in your life and describe it.

I immediately thought of mine and Adam's night in Niagara-on-the-lake last year.  It was a Christmas present from my parents that we redeemed in July.  One night in a fancy hotel, a three course dinner, and a play. The weather was perfect and we rode out bikes along the water.  Mature trees provided shade to our smoothly-paved meandering path. We stopped for cherries at a small store.

The dinner was delicious (I had pasta with duck and bacon, thank goodness I have this blog to help me remember details).  I only remember the lobster poutine. I would go back just to taste it:  big chunks of claw meat atop perfect potatoey fries.  In fact, maybe next time we go to Niagara Falls, we can leave the kids at my in-laws and go get some. Not dinner, just the appetizer.

The play would have been better as a musical, but there was a slight amusement factor and we enjoyed each others company.  The mirror in our hotel washroom had a tv embedded in it.

I was deliriously happy pretty much the entire time.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thankful things

So I've been reading the book "59 seconds: Change your Life in Under a Minute" by Richard Wiseman. It's a self help book that debunks other self help books and uses science to increase happiness and success. I have already spent well over 59 seconds perusing the book, and have come across an exercise that I can do right here on the blog.  I'm to maintain a diary for one week, Monday to Friday.  Each day, Professor Wiseman has prescribed a certain topic and at the end of the week I should end up with a blissfully happy feeling that for lasts months. Fun stuff!

Today is Monday.  I'm to think back to the previous week and write down three things that I'm thankful for.

  1. My family tops the list always. My husband Adam, and my kids William and Jadzia.  When I was younger, all I wanted was to have a husband, two kids, and a house, so this life is my dream come true.  Of course, I also wanted to live on the moon, but I'm sure that will come. This week the kids and I had some quality time tobogganing and on Saturday, Adam and I got to go on a date together. I get a lot of "I love you"s, especially from William.  They're especially nice unsolicited, when I'm expecting him to ask for a snack or something and instead get a declaration of affection.
  2. The weather.  I am so glad it is finally winter weather.  This is my favourite time of year.  I mentioned we went tobogganing, right?  There's a perfect hill right next to William's school, and when I pick him up I bring the toboggan. Also, last week we went skating down by the lake.  Just perfect.  If you're going to go out and do winter stuff, wear an extra pair of pants.  I don't have snow pants so two pairs of jeans is so much better than one. I'm convinced that anyone who says they don't like winter is just cranky because their legs are cold.
  3. My friends. Some of us went to the movies together on Saturday and saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D. (Thanks to Columbia for organizing it!)  Currently my best friends are my son's best friend's moms. On Mondays I take improv class and am often joined by mommy friends eager for a childless night. Last Monday, Becca went with me. She's probably my oldest friend, since we met in kindergarten. And her son is only two weeks older than mine, how great is that?  I love my friends unconditionally and know that they feel the same way about me.  Sappy, but true. 

Warm fuzzies engage!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

God does not exist.

The fact that I happen to believe that statement doesn't really matter in my day to day life. I'm unlikely to be mobbed in the street or sent to jail.  Unfortunately the same doesn't apply to Alexander Aan, a 31-year-old in Indonesia who wrote those same four words on his Facebook.   God does not exist.  I can say it as many times as I want and the worst I'll get is an angry comment and a lost twitter follower (and honestly, I doubt even that's going to happen).  Alexander Aan was attacked on his way to work.  He was arrested.

Really? Do people really behave this way in a free and democratic society? My first instinct upon reading this article was to exercise my own freedom of speech by posting "God does not exist" as my own Facebook status. I encourage everyone to do the same.  Maybe we'll start some kind of viral internet thing that will reach the people of Indonesia (who I'm sure aren't all bigots).

In other news, my husband is making waffles!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Punta Cana Moments: Pool vs Ocean

The majority of our time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was spent in or around the water.  Specifically, the ocean and the pool.  Which leads to the question which is better, ocean or pool?
Stubbornly, I want to pick ocean, a beautiful natural wonder, the birthplace of our earliest ancestors.  The sight of it is a vacation brochure come to life; turquoise water lined with palm trees and white beaches. I loved swimming among the waves, even if the salt stung my eyes occasionally.

For the kids, the pool is the clear choice. Say what? We have pools in Burlington. We didn't travel almost three thousand miles just to swim in a pool!  Granted, the pools in Burlington aren't surrounded by palm trees.  Nor do they have bars that you can swim up to and order free drinks all day.  When William wasn't ordering me to film his amazing splashes, he was drinking virgin daiquiries until his lips matched his life jacket.  I must admit, the clear refreshing water was much more pleasant on the eyes and mouth than its salty counterpart.  Perhaps this is because the pool was designed specifically for the pleasure of humans, while the ocean is the embodiment of a fierce mother nature who pressures all creatures to adapt to her whim.

What the beach did have going for it was the sand.  Even on the hottest days, it never got hot enough to burn your feet (Yes, really. I know, I can't get over it either). Also, no matter where we were on the beach, the sand was always the perfect consistency for making castles.  While on the beach, the kids were happy to stay on shore while Adam and I took turns getting our swim on.  Of course, William did enjoy jumping in the waves on occasion, and Jadzia ran in and out just getting her toes wet.

Back in the great white north, today we played in the snow and went skating.  My mom asked William what he liked better, swimming in the pool and ocean, or the ice and snow.  His answer was immediate and enthusiastic: "Snow! Snow! Snow!"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sexy Clown Fish, Stubborn Machines, and Doggy Boils

I don't normally buy books at the dollar store but when I saw "So Many Ways to Reproduce" I couldn't leave it behind.  After all, there is nothing more fascinating and entertaining than the intimate relations of our animal friends. Just now I read an interesting tidbit about the clown fish. They are hermaphrodites at birth, but here's the weird thing: if the mommy dies, the daddy will turn into a female, and one of the babies will turn into a male to become the new daddy. Seriously.  I'm imagining an alternate version of Finding Nemo.

I went to the dollar store because I had to renew the licence sticker on my car so I went to that kiosk in the mall.  You can theoretically renew your health card, licence, whatever at this stupid little machine without the ordeal of actually having to talk to another person. Unfortunately it didn't work, as it rarely does.  Apparently it didn't have stickers for the date I wanted, which is right now, so I honestly don't get it.  I went to the dollar store and to buy a treat for my reasonably-well-behaved three-year old (and also so the trip didn't feel like such a waste). Tomorrow I'll talk to a real person and get a new sticker and renew my daughter's health card (fun).  I would have gone today but the office is closed on Thursday.  Yes, they are open Monday through Wednesday and Fridays.  The universe is clearly against me getting any errands done.

I did manage to get to the vet so they could examine a lump Worf had on his shoulder.  Either it's something harmless that dogs get all the time, or its a hideous cancerous growth.  I paid $260 to find out which one it is. In  the Dominican Republic dogs live in the streets like overgrown rats and here we pay hundreds to investigate their boils.  (Stay tuned for more about my recent Punta Cana vacation when I feel like writing about it).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Punta Cana Moments - The Trip Home

For the past week my family and I have been in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to attend my sister's wedding.  It was a relaxing trip which included palm trees, swimming and buffets.  Of course the thing most fresh in my mind is the trip home, so that is what I will tell you about today.

To make our one-am flight we had to be all ready and in the lobby by nine, already past the kids bedtime.  Some rather pushy merchants happened to be set up selling various souvenir trinkets. I got suckered into buying two little drum noisemakers for the kids, and they promptly began fighting over who got to use the one with the crocodile on it (the other had a dolphin).  Shortly after that, Jadzia fell asleep, on my lap, in the lobby, despite the noise of the boisterous bar-goers. 

The bus took a route with many windy roads, and an exorbitant amount of speed bumps, stopping at several other resorts along the way. I tossed my still-comatose daughter at Adam because I was afraid I was going to vomit on her. I drank water, which helped a little at first, but then just wanted to come up.  But I made it to the airport without puking.  Huzzah!  William fell asleep on the bus.

Adam was already in charge of all the luggage, and I couldn't carry both kids so my mom carried Jadzia and I carried William.  That child has gotten a lot heavier since he lived in my belly five years ago. In the line up at Dominican customs, he woke enough to become delirious and started kicking me.  I put him down and guided the little zombie along, while Jadzia screamed as she attempted to find a comfortable position in Omi's arms.

We waited in the airport for a while, which is not air-conditioned.  In fact, the whole place is walls-optional.  I get that the Dominican doesn't get a lot of snow storms, but does it never rain sideways? Parts of it look more like a picnic shelter than an international airport.

Anyway, William nodded off again and I carried his limp body across the tarmac.  In the summer, I went portaging and had to carry half our gear in a giant pack.  That was nothing.  You know those tunnels that lead you right from the gate into your airplane?  Punta Cana doesn't have those.  Those tunnels are a good idea. I huffed and puffed along, up the stairs to the airplane, and finally chucked my first born onto the window seat. We set Jadzia down beside him and they stayed asleep until we landed in Toronto.

Then they had a great time with the moving sidewalks.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Off I go to Punta Cana!

I won't be online in a little over a week because I'll be here:

Tune in next week for pictures!
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