Monday, January 28, 2008


Friday: William and I went to the Early Years Centre, where there were more babies than I ever remember seeing in one place. We had a fabulous time, however, this is no doubt how William picked up THE BUG.

Saturday: William woke up with a surprise for us (liquid explosives) all over his sleeper, bedsheet, and blanket. Thinking that this was the result of something he ate, or some other quirk of his baby digestive system, we opted not to cancel our trip to Port Hope for my cousin Dylan's 3rd birthday. While there, William was in good spirits despite a lack of appetite and many more explosions.

Sunday: On the advice of a TeleHealth nurse we began feeding William Pedialyte, a yummy juice designed to keep him hydrated (I assume it's yummy because it's the only thing he'll take in right now). In addition to not eating solids, he started refusing breastmilk and biting my nipples instead (ouch!). That afternoon I felt nauseous, and promptly puked up lunch (twice) and went to bed a 7 pm, skipping dinner. Without breastmilk, William is nearly impossible to get to sleep so I let Adam handle that. By 9pm Adam had contracted THE BUG and was emptying himself out both ends.

Monday: That brings us to today. Adam is home from work and has been sleeping most of the day. I don't feel nauseous anymore but I have barely enough energy to type. I just had to report on this as a warning to all that the Filipowicz household is under quaranteen. Do not approach if you value your tummy.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

65-year-old Rude Woman on the Loose!

Today one of William's Early Years Centre girlfriends, Brooke, and her Mom, Kate, walked part of the way home with us after baby drop-in. William and Brooke's strollers took up the width of the sidewalk. Well Kate and I were chatting when suddenly we had an encounter with what I like to call a RUDE WOMAN. Here's how it went down:

RW: Do you think it's okay for me to walk in the snow when I'm sixty-five years of age?
Me (stares blankly at the woman, then at the barely an inch of already well trodden on snow to the left of the sidewalk. I should also note that sixty-five really doesn't seem that old to me when there are centegenarians living in my building.)
K: No...
RW: Well then...(points at strollers)
We scooch over. She leaves in a huff, no doubt feeling vindicated that she told us ne'er-do-well young mums a thing or two.

Here's how it should have gone down:

RW: Do you think it's okay for me to walk in the snow when I'm sixty-five years of age?
Me: Yes. Now, do you think it's okay to go around lecturing perfect strangers about courtesy when you're not even polite enough to say excuse me?
RW leaves in a huff, no doubt feeling pretty stupid to have acted so rudely. Or maybe not. Actually it's probably a good thing I kept my mouth shut.

How it really, really, should have gone down:

RW: Excuse me, please.
Me: Of course.
K: Not a problem.
Both of us scooch over and the lady leaves and noone writes a blog entry about how rude she is.

In other news, if anyone is curious what I've made so far in clay class. I made a coil dish with the star trek symbol as the base. Somehow this ended up looking quite vaginal, which wasn't my intention. Though it made me think of one of my university drawing teachers, who might have been a lesbian, and who always seemed to enjoy when a shape resembled a vagina.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Clay Time Fun Begins Tonight

For Christmas, my extra wonderful loving husband, signed us both up for a pottery and clay building course at the Burlington Art Centre. As a University of Toronto art and art history graduate, I've taken many an art course, and as a child growing up in Burlington, I've taken many a clay course at the BAC (though in my youth it was called the Cultural Centre). To date, however, I have yet to take an art course at the BAC with my loving husband. Should be extra fun.

My goal for this course is to create something so fabulous that I will keep it around for at least 15 years, breaking the records set by the heart-shaped smiley face jewlery box which I made in grade eight (and still use), and the clay elephant above our fireplace that I made in grade nine.

Later this week, on Wednesday to be exact, I'm going to my writers' group for the first time since before Christmas, so I've been busy reading all the stuff my colleagues have written over the break. Everyone seems to have had an explosion of creativity, even though most of them have real day jobs. Unfortunately, my own novel is dawdling along. I hate when writing is hard.

In other news Adam and I have finally taken down our Christmas tree. So the holidays are officially over.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas in Review

It seems I haven't posted since last year, before most of the Christmas craziness began. Now it's the new year and my brain has already rotted away from playing all the new video games Santa brought us. So instead of using words I show you pictures. Okie Dokey?

(In no particular order)

There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas but... we saw this rhino enjoying the snow on boxing day. The zoo decided to change it's "Free on Boxing Day" policy to a "Half-price on Boxing Day" policy. We foiled their plan to charge us money though, by bringing the zoo passes that my parents got us for Christmas. Our friends Chris and Lisa came all the way from Ottawa to join the fun (unfortunately they had to pay).

When we got together just after Christmas, William and Aedan actually played together instead of existing in the same room with each other. Aedan has gotten so tall but, as you can see, William can still beat him up.

Here's a shot of William walking.

William and I opening presents at my in-laws' house on Christmas eve. Notice how William is tastefully showing his midrift? Very difficult to do when one is wearing a button-down dress shirt. Luckily William is only wearing the top half of a button-down dress shirt, with a vest sewn onto it. I swear, some baby clothing is so weird. Looks good though.

A slightly out of focus pic of our Christmas tree. The ornaments kind of migrated to the top to stay out of baby-reach.

This is what happens whenever someone tries to take William's picture. I swear we have about a million photos of him trying to grab the camera or simply giving the "ooo! I want that!" look. He takes after his Daddy.
Anyway it's late and my husband says it's my bedtime. Happy New Year!
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