Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's my dream to be part of a bad sci fi (literally)

I've been meaning to post this orangutan pic that I took at the zoo on Monday.  I like it because the bizarre reflections ended up looking like a badly done photoshop collage.  Anyway dreams are really just bad mental collages so I felt this photo was appropriate for this entry (even though it really has nothing to do with anything).

Long time readers of this blog will know that I used to regularly post my dreams.  Only lately I haven't dreamt anything (probably because that would require more consecutive hours of sleep).  Last night, though, I had a doozy.  Here (because I know everyone cares) it is:

The setting: a spaceship (I think).  In fact I only saw two rooms, one was reminiscent of the Next Gen Enterprise engineering section (minus the warpcore), the other somewhat like my parents' bedroom.

I arrived on the ship only to find it taken over by badies.  I also met two android women who were good guys.  One of the androids was wearing a strapless red gown and had her blond hair in an updo (don't remember what the other one looked like).  Because I was somehow related to whoever created these women, the formally dressed android looked "exactly like me" (I put that in quotes because in the dream I thought she was my double but, now that I think back, she didn't resemble me in the slightest).  

To fool the badies I pretended to be an android.  I was wearing my winter jacket (obviously, because I just got there) and I had to hold it closed because my clothes would somehow give away that I was human.  At one point the badie leader saw me and my "double" together and I said, in my best android voice, "I am the first, she is the second" as way of explaining why there were two of us.

The androids and I went "upstairs" to the parents' bedroom section of the ship to search for the item the badies wanted.  I had to pee, so I went to the washroom.  While there I found a fur shawl that I decided was much more android-like than my jacket so I put it on.  As I was adjusting the fur in front of the mirror I noticed that my face was covered in zits.  I was nervous now, thinking that my breakout would give away that I'm not an android.

Anyway I was about to sit on the toilet when the phone rang (yes, in the washroom).  There were two phones, both high on a shelf, one was an early-90s-style cordless with a retractable antenna that I remembered was there so that Stephanie could use the phone (Steph is my friend's sister who is in a wheel chair).  Anyway, I answered the cordless so I could chat while I peed.  

It was my Mom.  I told her about my predicament.  She showed some concern, but more "I burnt tonight's dinner" concern, rather than "my daughter is in mortal danger" concern.  Not that I blame her, the badies reminded me of those in the bad Knight Rider TV movie we watched last night: even though they would kill people at the drop of a hat, they weren't scary in the slightest.

And then I woke up, because I really did have to pee.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. William!

William's first birthday celebration went off without a hitch. I was ambitious enough to invite the family over and ambitious enough to make sushi (for extra impressiveness), though not ambitious enough to have a party with kids (yes, people do have birthday parties for one year olds).

Special thanks to all who were in attendance (in alphabetical order by relation to William):

Auntie Eireann

Auntie Julie




Mommy (yes, I'm thanking myself. I made the cake for Spock's sake!)



Uncle Craig

Pierogi Lasagna and cake were enjoyed by all, especially the birthday boy. And we stayed up until way past bedtime playing with all his new toys (and some of his old ones, he didn't descriminate).

Since I didn't invite any of William's peers over, I was quite glad that the big day fell on a Friday. As everyone who's anyone knows, Friday is baby drop-in day at the Early Years Centre, so we got to see all his friends (including his girlfriends). Plus, everyone sang Happy Birthday to William during circle time.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We've got a climber

Today William defied all attempts at baby-proofing once again by demonstrating his ability to climb onto the couch without assistance. This sort of accomplishment is hillarious to a baby and terrifying to a mother. William stands up there giggling gleefully and no doubt thinking: this is great, now I can throw toys behind the couch, plus I have a new and exciting place to hide the tv remote. While I'm thinking: Careful! Careful! Don't fall!

This new development also means that the small group of endtables, strategically surrounding Lokai the Guinea Pig's cage, is no longer a deterrent and William can climb up, use Lokai's food dish as a sandbox, attempt to feed him small plastic toys, pull fur, and otherwise torment my smaller, furrier, more neglected son.

Now that Mr. William is asleep, I'm wondering if he can climb out of his crib too. And if he can, will I have to buy him a big boy bed? And if I do, will my condo ever be baby-proofed enough to have a climber wander around in the middle of the night unsupervised? I was just telling my Mom today how unproductive worry is, but I think it comes with being a mother.

And my husband is working late during an ice storm. The excitement never ends.
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