Monday, May 30, 2005

Stuff that's going on in my life. (a safe, drugfree substitute for valium)

As I may have mentioned before, I have a full time job at a call centre in St. Catharines. We're working on a campaign will a certain American credit card company which means I get to talk to Americans about their credit cards.

Here are some phrases I here frequently:
  • What for you want my mother's maiden name?
  • I've had this card for years and you people still haven't given me an increase!
  • $300! That's ridiculous! I got more money in my pocket right now.
  • (after reading a really long script about a product) What was that now?
  • (after telling customer his credit limit, and annual percentage rates) I have a question, what's my credit limit? And what's my annual percentage rate?
  • You guys are always charging me late fees! What is this late fee for?
  • What's this overlimit fee for?
  • I've got credit cards with other companies and they don't ________.
  • Is my card activated yet? Is my card activated yet?
  • I'm on my way to work/church/wherever, can we speed this up?
  • Actually I'm calling about my wife's/husband's/daughter's/son's/mother's/father's/cousin's card.

Other stuff that's happened since I last blogged.

  • Becca and Drew got married (so, according to tradition, they should now be known as Drew and Becca) I direct your attention to for some thoughts from and pictures of the groom. I wrote a big long blog about the wedding but it was swallowed by the abyss and I didn't feel like writing another one. We (the bride and bridesmaids) were fashionably late to the ceremony (hairdresser was late, and MOH forgot the ring) but the rain held out long enough to have a beautiful ceremony in the park outside an art gallery.
  • I got my first credit card. I don't plan to charge anything on it (I hate owing money) but it will be nice to have for net purchases and stuff. Also I think working for a credit card company has gotten to me.
  • Adam is getting a full time job in Mississauga. He's worked for them on and off for a while doing graphic design stuff (websites, advertisements, those cheesey touchscreen things at casinos, etc). Now the full time guy is leaving and it's Adam's turn. We don't have any idea how I'll get to St. Catharines and he'll get to Mississauga when we only have one car, but I'm sure we'll work something out.
  • Tomorrow, Adam and I are going to see a play at the Shaw festival (we won the tickets at Drew and Becca's stag and doe).
  • Adam and I have been looking for apartments in Burlington for after we're married. Some of them are not bad, and fairly reasonably priced (unlike the houses).


zydeco fish said...

Wow, we could trade stories. I once worked in the credit department of a major credit card company. I know exactly what you are talking about.

Superhappyjen said...

Why is it the americans with the most ridiculous unintelligible accents who complain that they can't understand our Indian reps? I can't believe how racist people are.

Wigwam Jones said...

I never knew that there were humans on the other end of the phone. I always thought it was like robots or something.

So, what *is* my credit limit? And what about that interest rate? My other cards aren't like this. Whatever this is.

Wigwam Jones said...

Oh, and congrats on getting a piece published. Nice when that happens, eh? One day we'll all be famous. And nekkid. With beer.

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