Sunday, July 03, 2005


Me and Adam went to Live8 yesterday. I had to call in sick to go which means (if my work is paying attention) they won't give me holiday pay for Friday. It was worth it because by going to this concert (which was free, btw) me and Adam are going to completely abolish all poverty in Africa. It turns out all we had to do was listen to some cool tunes, and it would convince all the world leaders (the important ones anyway) to a)cancel debt, b)increase aid, and c)make trade more fair for poorer countries.

a+b+c= 0 poverty.

Anyway they wanted us all to go to and sign this petition thingie. I did, so you should too. Everybody knows that people do whatever you want when you give them a million billion signatures.


becca_cricket said...

I wish I was there wearing matching hats and Sun glasses with you guys

Lotsa Love


zydeco fish said...

I'd do anything if a million billion people asked me to :-)

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