Friday, September 23, 2005

Drive what all the unique people are driving.

So I was intrigued by this popup ad with a guy in a Star Trek uniform doing Tai Chi. The message: "maintain your identity". I'm all about that, says I. So I checked out the website. Turns out Saab is exploiting people's uniqueness in order to sell cars. To me, this is silly. So here's what Saab is saying:

"Don't follow the crowd! Maintain your identity! Be like these people! Buy a SAAB!" Am I the only person who sees this message as contradictory?

Anyway check it out:


Carol said...

Saab? Nah, you want a Citroen! Sure they're French and getting them to Canada ia expensive, but they're great! Interesting Saab webpage though... and yeah, bizarre ad!

Superhappyjen said...

Citron is French for lemon.

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