Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dead Bodies Rule!

My husband and I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. The bodies are actually real humans who had all their fluids replaced with plastic (so they don't rot and smell while on display). They are opened up and dissected in various ways so we can all learn some fascinating stuff about the body. One part of the exhibit shows a pregnant woman and some fetuses at various stages of development. Because of the crowds, and the coolness factor, the exhibit took about 2 hours to go through.

On the way out there was a guestbook to sign. One of the comments left before us said (and I quote) "What the f**k is with the fetuses? NO MORE FETUSES!" Now I know the exhibit sparked controversy and I understand some of it. People are uncomfortable about the fact that these are real dead bodies. With many religions you even need a proper burial or no heaven for you. (Though these people checked the "do whatever you want with my organs" box on their driver's license.) Okay. What I don't understand is what problem is there with fetuses specifically?

Was the writer of the comment worried that the exhibit condoned abortion? Was he/she worried that the fetuses couldn't possibly have given consent to be plasticized? Did he/she have an awkward moment explaining where babies come from to the rugrats? Perhaps if the comment had been more articulate we would understand what exactly this person's problem was. As it is, he/she has been labeled in my mind as a big stupidhead. So there!


zydeco fish said...

The commenter was cleary overly-sensitive.

Anonymous said...

The comment was probably left by someone who is pro-choice and who has had an abortion and someone who was told that was growing inside of them was just a blob of tissue or some sort of a bean.

I am post-abortvie and when I came accross a picture of what my child looked like at the time of my abortion -- I was shocked. It wasn't a blob of tissue it was a baby and it was more than clear it was human.

I think the shock and the what the f*ck with the fetus thing is that it broke someone's denial that "it was just tissue."

Superhappyjen said...

Interesting point of view. Though the early fetuses on display (under 4 weeks I think) did look more like beans than people, but it's amazing how quickly they grow into baby-like things.

Anonymous said...

The "blob" is a human being from the moment of conception.

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