Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Things I do with my day.

I was waiting for something interesting to happen so I could write a compelling blog entry. Clearly this will never happen. Instead, I though I'd provide you with a more-or-less comprehensive list of how I spend my days.

  • Writing my book. I'm officially on chapter seven but I do have a bunch of stuff written after that. It's a story set on an alien planet where women hold pretty much all the jobs and have two husbands, one for cooking and cleaning, and the other for nursing and raising the babies. They need three men to reproduce (of course) so when they want a child they go and mate with a random third guy. My main character is a kind of lizard man with breasts who is nursing a child that is all weird looking because that random third guy was human! He gets all kinds of flack from the community and goes through troubling times because of this. I know you guys are all itching to steal my idea now, but try to control your urges.
  • Playing Cactus Bruce , which I downloaded off yahoo. This is a highly realistic game where this pirate cactus uses a giant metal claw to catch monkeys and bananas and shoot them at bricks. I used up the trial period and now have "an extended trial period of 5 minutes per execution." Luckily five minutes is enough time to pass one level.
  • Thinking about school work (for my classes at Ryerson). I spend a lot more time thinking about school work than actually doing it, but since most of the work involves writing the thinking really is part of the process. I can even do the thinking while playing Cactus Bruce.
  • Washing dishes. This is hard work (especially in our apartment where we let them pile up to the ceiling and we only have one puny sink). It makes me hungry so after I wash I usually have a snack, creating more dishes and starting the cycle all over again.
  • Blogging. As those who frequent this site have no doubt realized, some weeks I do more of this than others.
  • Redoing my résumé. I fiddle around with this alot. Change a word here. Embellish there. Afterwards I almost always seriously consider applying somewhere. Whether I do or not it makes me feel as if I'm having a productive job search.
  • Playing with pigs. I think they hate me. I make too many sudden movements and they freak out. I feed them carrots (which they love) but they still behave as if I'm a terrifying beast. When I pick them up they try to escape by hiding in my hair.
  • Watching cop shows. I do this in the evening after dinner. My favourites are CSI, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Cold Case and CSI Miami (pretty much in that order). Luckily most of these are on 24-hours a day. If none of these are on and I really want to watch something I might stoop to something terrible like Missing or Crossing Jorden, but those ones don't have nearly enough grit and gore. How those shows stay on the air but Enterprise gets cancelled is beyond me.
  • Making dinner. If I'm feeling really ambitious this can take all afternoon and involve looking up a recipe, walking to the store to buy any ingredients we don't have, dicing, dashing, simmering, sautéeing, and all manor of other cooking terms that I have to guess at the meaning of.


zydeco fish said...

Jen, Is the book thing true? It sounds outrageous.

Superhappyjen said...

Yes it's true. What can I say? I'm an outrageous person.

zydeco fish said...

I'll have to take your word on that.

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