Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fame and Fortune Here I Come!

When I came home from my camping trip, I went downstairs to check the mail and found the box full of professional writery things. Well, two writery things and junk mail. The first was a cheque paying me for an article I wrote for Today's Parent Toronto (isn't it great when the cheque is actually in the mail?)

The other, more super exciting, thing was a letter from Sumach Press. They're putting out an anthology about mothers and daughters and body image. As part of my goal of becoming a serious professional author person, I'd written and submitted a semi-autobiographical story about bra-shopping with my mother (though I changed the names to protect the innocent). Well they accepted it. They loved it. Finally having both ginormous breasts and a louder than life mother has paid off! (I love you Mom).

Now that I'm a professional fiction author, I spent the day doing writerly things. And by that I mean we went to the Eden Mills Writers' Festival. For those who don't know, the Eden Mills Writers' Festival is a writers' festival held every year in the small town of Eden Mills (maybe that was self-explanatory). Anyway it involves spending the whole day listening to authors read and (in my case) showing my baby off to all my mom's friends and colleagues. Every year it's super hot and there's no shade and we almost die. Well this year it was super cold and rainy and we almost died. But I had a good time anyway.


Maggie said...

can I have your autograph? Mommy Banks sends Congrats !!!!

Toryssa said...

How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jen!
Mom let me know that you had writting success and that your blog is her favorite!
;-) Kate from Magazines Class

Jay said...

Wow, there's a lot of almost-death involved!

p.s yay you!

Evie said...

Dear Jen:
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Since I've just recently deconverted, however, I had to remove your comment. If you recall, you mentioned that you followed the link from the DC site. My family has no clue that I've joined that site or that I've deconverted. The post you saw was sort of my opening move in what will probably will be a gradual revelation of my non-faith status.

Feel free to visit again - just don't mention DC.

Evie said...


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