Monday, November 05, 2007

William Signs "Light"

For those of you looking for more evidence of my son's genius status: William recently learned to sign the word "light". This sign involves reaching upward towards the light in question and opening and enclosing your hand.

Unlike previous signs, which may have been random gestures or flukes, even my husband, ever the doubting Adam, has admitted that this appeared to be a genuine sign. It seems clear that William is on the road to becoming the first infant University graduate.


Adam Filipowicz said...

I need to point out. that I am not the mean, unemotional, dull person people take me to be..
it takes genuine progress for me to be impressed.
I dont jump for joy at a faint sign of something. It usually takes some repetition for me to take notice..
William Poo'ing in his potty once.. is impressive but a Fluke.. 3 times in a row.. well then im convinced.. ofcourse you dont hear about the times when he just poo's on the floor.. but hey..its part of his training.
I am very proud of my son. he is a wonderful kid and seems very smart and advanced for his age. Jen has a wonderful heart and she spends way more time with William then I do. and I guess I cant blame her when she proclaims him as "Boy Genius" see use to say that William signed dog even tho it just seemed like a random arm movement that resembled the sign.. (which he did even when dogs weren't around or talked about)

don't be mad just cause I dont get excited about stuff.. its the way I am :P


~Becca~ said...


Keep working hard and get yourself noticed!

Super Happy Jen said...

Oh Adam, I didn't call you a mean, unemotional, dull person. I just called you "doubting Adam". And why not jump for joy at the faint sign of something? Faint signs of somethings is what makes up the universe (or at least the exciting parts of it).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Adam for the laugh...poo on the floor is very funny! Jen not that I'm addicted to your blog or anything but I am...;-) k8 from magazines class

Jay said...

He's the smartest dinosaur I know.

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