Monday, December 03, 2007

Not without help

I'd like to thank everyone who made our trip to Toronto possible today:
  • -Everyone on the GO Train to and from Union station, who smiled at William, marvelled at his cuteness, and entertained him when he got squirrelly. Good luck to the girl we met who is seven months pregnant. Most of the time they're angels, really.
  • -The Ryerson University bookstore. For offering a student discount so enticing that it's worth sending your wife and child all the way to the big city. And for making it a rule that only I, as a student, can purchase software in the store. I just want to say for the record, that that Adobe Suite is for me, and totally not for my graphic designer husband who needs it for work.
  • -All the people who helped me carry the stroller up and down the stairs when Toronto's wheelchair access system failed us.
  • -The man who showed me how to use the elevator in the underground. You have to hold the button. Who comes up with this stuff?
  • -The trio of friendly Torontonians who guided us to Union Station when we got hopelessly lost in the underground path.
  • -The Employees of the Saturn dealership for welcoming us in and letting me have a hot chocolate, even though I made it abundantly clear that I have no interest in purchasing a car.
  • -John, who works at Saturn who helped me carry the stroller over the snow banks that blocked the sidewalk outside the Saturn dealership. I know you would have helped me all the way home, if given the opportunity.
  • -And finally to William, for being such a trooper, and only crying for about a third of the trip.


Adam Filipowicz said...

Thank you for going to all that hassle

~Becca~ said...

WOW... Thats a crazy crazy trip!

Now every time you (Adam) uses the program, you (he) will remember how much you love yourself (him!)

zydeco fish said...

I can't believe how wonderful you make Toronto sounds. I must leave the city immediately and visit from time to time.

I love the adobe suite :-)

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