Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me. It's Snowing!

This morning I woke up to the universe's birthday present to me: beautiful white flakes floating to the ground. And William's birthday present to me: a big smile.

I'm hoping his cheery mood this morning will set the precedent for the rest of the day. Ever since he got over last week's fever, William has been quick to jump into freak-out mode unless his wants and needs are instantly met. This is especially annoying when a) I don't know what he wants, b) he doesn't know what he wants, or c) he wants to play "Super Cow" a computer game that is rapidly shrinking our brains.

At the moment William is eating apples and watching an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, narrated by the late great George Carlin. There are trains involved that I don't remember from the Ringo Starr episodes of my youth. Who the heck are Molly, Freddie, and Rosie? Did they move to Sodor from some other island that also has talking trains? A puzzle that is too much for my bovine-saturated braincells.

In other news my refrigerator is broken. I don't ask much of my fridge. I don't need it to make me ice, or tell me when I'm out of milk, or upload my photos, or play DVDs. All I ask is that is keeps my food cold. It's having trouble doing that one simple task and is now acting as a large cupboard/artwork display. We dumped most of our food into my parents deep-freezer and tommorrow (because I don't want to deal with repair people on my birthday) the fridge guy is coming to magically make it cold again in exhange for our immortal souls.

Later my Mom and sister are taking me out to lunch, thereby post-poning or perhaps even eliminating William's naptime. Should be interesting.


Adam Filipowicz said...

Happy Birthday Jen!

Your GGGGRRRREEEAAATT!! (like the cereal)

Love Adam.

zydeco fish said...

Wow, happy birthday to you. (I have to say that I find Thomas the Tank Engine to be frightfully boring).

Super Happy Jen said...

Thomas is kind of boring but Z, being of the male gender, I would assume that you would be a fan. All boys like trains, cars, and construction equipment. Your other favourite preschool show should be "Mighty Machines" which is produced simply by filming construction and/or farming vehicles for 20 minutes and then adding a cheesy voice over.

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