Friday, January 16, 2009

The Mounties are after me

This afternoon a man came to my door.

"I'm with the RCMP," he said, and showed me his badge all law-and-order style. "Are you Jennifer Filipowicz?"

The mounties are after me, I thought, how exciting! I answered in the affirmative.

"A few years back, did you have a child with Ricardo Somethingorother?" (I don't remember the last name but it sounded mobsterish).

"Um, no."

"Did you assume your husband's name when you got married?"


"And your maiden name is McKnight?"

"No, McNicoll."

"Okay. Disregard our conversation," said the mountie. As if I could! Then he said good day and left.

Five minutes later he knocked on the door again. This time he had a file folder with him. In it he had every address I had lived in since my parents' house. He also had my driver's licence number, only his file said that I had changed my name from McKnight.

I confirmed that those were, indeed, my addresses and drivers licence number.

"And you never lived in BC, or had a child with Ricardo the mobster?"

"Nope." I'm pretty sure I'd remember something like that.

The mountie looked confused. "I don't know why when I query Jennifer McKnight I get your information."

I shrugged. Actually this isn't the first time I've been mixed up with another Jennifer McSomebody. When I worked at blockbuster a former emplyee named Jennifer McNeil, accidently got paid for hours that I worked. This is the first time, however, that the commoness of my name gave me a real-life law-and-order experience.


Carol said...

OMG Jen this made me laugh and laugh and laugh!!! =D

zydeco fish said...

Scary. Funny, but mostly scary. I wonder why they wanted to find her.

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