Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The kids go to the dentist

I'd like to begin by saying how proud I am of my son for being so good at the dentist.  He didn't want to go at first, but that was mostly because he was too busy surfing hotwheels videos on youtube.  Once we were there though, he played nicely in the waiting room, then opened his mouth really wide for the dentist, and even let them clean and floss his teeth.  Jadzia was good too, but slightly less enthusiastic about opening her mouth, and her teeth were only counted, not cleaned.  (Unless you count the little piece of broccoli the dentist found stuck in her teeth.  How embarrassing!)

I must admit, I'm a little jealous of their experience. My trips to the dentist involve: freezing, poking with sharp instruments, blood, and a lecture about flossing.  Their trip involved: playing with a plush horse (with creepily human teeth), having their teeth counted, brushing with grape flavoured toothpaste, and free toys.  I still got the lecture about flossing, though.  Apparently, once a day I'm actually supposed to lay William down and floss his molars.  Um....right.

Also William's teeth are very close together, which means when his adult teeth come in they'll be all crowded and he'll need braces.  And he has a "deep bite": his front teeth hide his bottom teeth when he bites down.  I don't know how this with adversely affect his life, but it is apparently undesirable.  Ka-ching!

When asked how he enjoyed the dentist, William exclaimed "It was fun!!"


Cara said...

Broccoli is better than candy! I'm jealous that your kids sat so nicely for the dentist. I'm hoping Leyla will now that she's almost four...she has a cavity that needs repairing and to put her under for the procedure would cost an extra $900.

Timothy McLaney said...

Kids are most at risk with tooth decay because their teeth are not yet developed and they love candies and other sweets. While they are still young, they must be taught basic oral hygiene like brushing their teeth. They should also be brought to the dentist regularly for them to have confidence and to lessen their fear.

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