Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mama needs some e-book recommendations...

The big guy in red has gifted me a new Sony e-reader (among other things).  I already have several books on there, including an unauthorized version of my upcoming novel Wardroids (Santa really does watch you all the time, and go through the files on your computer), and some random ones my Dad added when I went over for Christmas dinner.  While it may take me until well after next Christmas to read all these, I also feel I should support my fellow authors by actually purchasing e-books.

This is where you guys come in.   Suggest a book that I might enjoy, or a book that you enjoyed, or a book that you wrote and want people to buy.  It doesn't have to be profound or life-changing, just entertaining is fine with me.  I like SF, but not exclusively.  I'm asking all of you, including the lurkers (really people, just say hi once in a while). 

Also if you know of any books that have movies based on them, let me know, since I have taken a pledge to read the book first.  I guess I'd better download "The Help" and "Hunger Games".

When I'm not reading books on my e-reader, I'll be playing my limited edition Klingon Monopoly game.  Board games are surprisingly popular in the Empire, although Monopoly is a bit controversial as it is seen as promoting Ferengi values.

Merry Christmas everyone!  (And thanks in advance for all the e-book recommendations)


Nicole Settle said...

Some book suggestions: Warm Bodies by Marion (this will be a movie) and Across the Universe by Revis (and the sequel is coming out soon)

Crystal Licata said...

I was going to suggest The Hunger Games but you already have it on your list so instead I will suggest reading the series first. It's my favorite series...ever!!! I wanted to read The Help before watching the movie but temptation won and I saw it first. The movie was GREAT so I am sure the book is AMAZING. I do love the book IF I STAY and the second one WHERE SHE WENT. Short reads but an awesome story! Have fun with your e-reader!


Patsy said...

Happy Christmas!

Sorry I don't have any e book suggestions but I'm saying 'hi' anyway.

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