Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun stuff

I told Adam's iPad the plot of a Star Trek episode to test out the dictation software. This was the result:

What time there was a man named Capt. Jean-Luc Picard became the board the enterprise for the very first time to meet his crew and then cute came dressed as an army guy and then he was dressed as a judge and he said that humans are a savage race and you wanted Chad put up a force field so they couldn't get any farther in the universe and up Mccard Said No Way, José that is not fair at all. Thank you told them that their mission at FarPoint would be a perfect test of whether or not they were astonished right so they went to Farpoint Station and then that Ryker there and Card showed in class of the previous episodes we would be up to speed and then they went down to the planet and Cassie trying started feeling so sad because you fell sadness for Madroad all and then there was a spaceship they came and started shooting at her. Thank you told in the bay should be Montborne the station and check it out and selling again and when they got there they found that counts actually got really really mad and she was super super angry like the whole time she was there and then they realize that they shed and dad station on the planet we're both aliens once they realized that they shot the aliens alien on the planet full of energy so that it would be not sick anymore and they flew in love into the sky and turned into two really weird looking jellyfish and they found joy and gratitude according to count to Troy and Q said that was a good you passed the test see you later and that the and of encounter at five.

Also, today I went to the Zoo.  I plan on posting two videos for your enjoyment but youtube is taking its time uploading them and I'm beginning to lose interest. I'll post them here later.  Maybe. I'm tired.

Here are the videos!

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