Thursday, August 25, 2005

Things I hate about my job

I'm at work right now. I quit this job already, yes, but my notice isn't up yet. They don't deserve notice, and I find the very fact that I am leaving here soon is making it difficult to withstand this place. I'm not on break. I'm on "personal" which is code for "going pee".

Things I hate about this job:

  • Having to constantly BS to angry customers so they'll stop yelling at me even though I totally agree with them.
  • The colour of the carpet. Greyish-purple with grey design.
  • Lack of flexibility in scheduling. Even if I pretend to be a religious zealot.
  • People who don't know what a mother's maiden name is.
  • People who don't listen to me.
  • Having to say "I recommend" even though there's no way I would put that on my credit card.
  • Wearing a headset without foamies so the plastic digs into my ears.
  • Wearing a headset with foamies so my ears get hot and I can't hear anything.
  • People who don't speak english but pretend they understand me by saying "Ok" over and over.
  • People who thank me for "speaking english"
  • People who don't give their last name when I ask them for their name.
  • The stuffy air.
  • The way all the windows are shaded to prevent anything but florescent light from reaching me.
  • The way nobody notices if I do my job well.
  • The way nobody notices if I do my job terribly. Even if I leave to pee and am gone 15 minutes.
  • People who call from their car.
  • Having to listen to the echo of my own voice.
  • The emphasis on sell, sell, sell.
  • How they keep taking down my drawings
  • Whenever I have less than a minute's break between calls.
  • The "smart" dialing system

I'm sure there's more but I really should be getting back now. The "smart" dialing system will bombard me with calls since I'm gone so long.


Becca said...
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Becca said...

You forgot
- the continuous dry hacking semi sore throat feeling that doesn't go away
- stupid Americans
- Southern accents
- people who can't do grade 4 math
- people who don't pay their bills
- people who yell
- the evil light on the phone that tells you another call is waiting
- the repetition
- the repetition
- the repetition

You Rebel... 15 mins of Personal to post to the world how you hate your job... Jen, You Rock!

Super Happy Jen said...

I also forgot.

-spellers (who spell out every piece of info they give you)
-old people
-managers getting changed to keep everything nice and impersonal
-managers who won't tell you when your break is, then jump on you when you take it at the wrong time.

Super Happy Jen said...

I can't believe this. I also forgot the phrase "Do what now?"

zydeco fish said...

The colour of the carpet. Greyish-purple with grey design.

I believe that all commercial or industrial carpet is an abomination. Whoever designs this stuff should be shot. That's a very funny post.

Super Happy Jen said...

I assume the colour makes it easier to clean. Or, in SITEL's case, allows them to get away with never cleaning it at all.

AH! said...

Sounds like your a telephone interviewer or customer service rep. Sucks, I use to indirectly run a call center. And fluorescent lights totally fuck with my head too...rather work in the dark. I don't think we(humans) are meant to sit at computers all day...fucking Bill Gates.

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