Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bruce Wayne is Dead

I just got a message from my sister saying that my nephew's fish, Bruce Wayne, has been brutally killed. Bruce was a fighting fish, a black one with blueish fins.

Apparently my mother (and I'm still trying to work out the logistics of this) took Bruce to a school visit so he could help her with an exercise. There, she put him in the sink for some unknown reason. While attempting to retrieve the fish using a drinking glass, she accidentally squished him.

Last week I was all worried Mom was going to starve Bruce to death because she told me that she couldn't find his food and, as a result, noone had fed him for 2 days. Gah! "If you can't find the food, buy new food," said I. When she told me she'd found the food, I was so relieved. Little did I know that Bruce's days were numbered.

Back when I lived at home, I used to make sure Bruce was fed. If his bowl was dirty, I cleaned it. (And never killed him doing it. although I never once put him in the sink). It saddens me that the poor guy is gone, that he wasn't taken care of. Sure, he's just a fish, but he was a good fish.


Adam Filipowicz said...

Im sad to hear that Bruce is gone.
its an unfortunate accident.
maybe if they get another fish. it will have a larger bowl this time

Cattiva said...

Awww...poor guy! We have (well, the kids have) several Betas (fighting fish). The oldest is one who must have nine lives. He has been knocked out of his tank and even ended up down the garbage disposal (it was off of course!0 and has managed to survive. It's probably a good thing he never met your Mom :)

Becca said...

Poor Hunter, he lost his first fish!Did she kill the fish infront of the whole class?

How devastating.


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