Sunday, November 27, 2005

Our First Tree

It took some shopping, but we were able to get a tree for $30 at Zeller's. Then we bought some of those fancy schmancy LED lights that are super bright but (apparently) use hardly any electricity. The lights looked swell and cost almost (but not quite) as much as the tree.

Anyway if you saw this tree in person you might notice that it actually only has one genuine made-for-a-tree Christmas ornament. That ornament is a very classy yellow chillie pepper with a nativity scene carved into it that we bought in Mexico on our honeymoon. The other "decorations" include action figures, Star Trek cards, and a feathered boa (that's the purple blob in the picture).

I'm really very proud of this tree. Happy Xmas!


Adam Filipowicz said...

Its a very nice tree
im glad we could one for a decent price!

~Becca~ said...

Our first tree was super silly too, Filled with all sorts of nick nacks that reflected us, This year our tree looks more traditional, but Drew still managed a cthulhu on the top of it, I think I'd prefer the grinch :)

Superhappyjen said...

WHy buy ornaments when you have action figures?

Becca, I also put up the nightmare before xmas lanterns that you guys got me, but not on the tree. I had to buy a garland to hide the extension cord.

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