Saturday, December 09, 2006


I'm a big Wizard of Oz fan, so Wicked the musical wasn't a very hard sell for me. Turns out the Wicked Witch of the West wasn't that evil after all. She was just misunderstood, 'cause she was green. The big mystery of the show for me was how Elphaba (the witch's name in the musical) was able to touch the other characters without getting green make-up all over them. I'm thinking they just made the actor eat nothing but spinach and green jello for 3 months.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the play. I was so into the character that, knowing she was to be melted, I felt all tense and sad and scared for her.

Some highlights:
  • Finding out how the lion, the tinman, and the scarecrow came to be
  • The big mechanical wizard head
  • The flying monkeys (they were neat-looking, much more so than in the flick)

I'm going to have to watch the Wizard of Oz again now to see if I can answer all my "now wait a second, if she isn't really wicked then in the movie why did she..." questions.


Lady S said...

I haven't seen the show yet, but I love the music. The book is AWESOME. You must read it. You will absolutely love Elphie more than you do now. And you will never watch the Wizard of Oz the same way again.

BTW, they airbrush the green on her. There are some pictures here: Although one of the pictures shows her using creme make up. I saw an interview with Indina Menzel and she talked about the makeup.

We just did a musical review and I was Elphie in Popular. I had to use creme. No one would buy me a make-up airbrush machine.

Jay said...

Oh, I really wanted to see that, but it's leaving at the end of the month, and though I wanted to get my husband tickets for Christmas, I knew he would much prefer the Queen one, and for once I was actually kind to him (even if I kind of regret it now!)

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