Sunday, February 04, 2007

Aedan and His Parents

I told you I had photos of Becca and Drew's new baby. Here are a few:

Isn't he adorable? And doesn't Becca look pretty? She just gave birth to a nine pound baby and still manages to look glamourous.

In other news. Today is my due date according to my obstetrician. My family doctor originally told me the 5th. Nobody knows what my baby thinks the due date is. I'm hoping he'll come sooner rather than later. Not only am I super excited to meet him, but now that Becca's had her baby I have nobody to be pregnant with!


Caz said...

Jen you have a whole bunch of Scottish people on the edge of their seats waiting for news of "the Canadian baby" lol. Like I said, I'm convinced he'll arrive the 9th! I can't wait to hear the big news!!!
Adam, you take care of your Wife!

Much love,

P.S. I absolutely love the spelling Becca and Drew have chosen for Aedan!

zydeco fish said...

9 pounds. Wow. Maybe you can beat that.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's so cute! What a perfect little baby!

From Julie

Anonymous said...

I'm checking daily Jen. Mom you and I have to guess when the baby will come.
-Kate from Magazines Class

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