Monday, February 12, 2007

V-day induction

Since I'm still as pregnant as ever, I went to see my doctor this morning. We talked about induction. I said before that I wanted to wait, but that was before I felt all sore and uncomfy. So on Wednesday, which is Valentine's Day, I'm going into the hospital to have my son evicted.

Of course, I could go into labour on my own before then, but I've lost faith in my body's ability to ever go into labour on its own. Thoughts about this decision to induce:

Valentine's Day is a good day to be born. He'll be my little Valentine.
Am I being an impatient wimp to have given up the waiting?
It's really going to happen. Oh dear.
Maybe I'll go into labour before then. How 'bout now. Or now. Or now.
What if I'm not ready?
What if my baby's not ready?
What if it hurts more because my body isn't ready?
What if it takes longer because my body isn't ready?
Now I'll never know if I would have ever gone into labour on my own.

So that's it. I'll have baby pictures to post sometime soon.


zydeco fish said...

He'll make a terrific Valentine's gift.

Caz said...

Awww, you'll be fine. My friend Michelle was induced with her first and late with her 2nd, but now she has two beautiful daughter's so it's totally worth it! I just can't wait to meet your baby boy! :D

~Becca~ said...


I Can't wait for all this anxiety to pass... it's seriously worse than labour itself.

Drew and me and Aedan can't wait to meet william and welcome him into this world.

Good luck!!

Caz said...

Jen it's just flicked over to 14th February here... Happy Valentine's Day! And maybe a Happy Birthday will be in order as well? ;) I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world and tell you Derek and I are thinking of you... Good luck!!!!!

Lots of love,
Carol xx

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