Sunday, April 29, 2007

William's First Picnic

Gorgeous day today, so Adam and I arranged a picnic for the gang at Lowville Park. The gang in this case includes me, Adam and William, along with my parents, my brother Craig, my friend Eireann (who is currently dating my brother. Yes!), and my parents' new dog Morty, a Jack Russel X Teacup Poodle who is about half the size of William. The tiny puppy hammed it up and got most of the "Awe! So cute" comments, allowing William to have his lunch in peace (breasts do make the best picnic baskets).

The non-babies and non-puppies had ham sandwichs, brownies, apples, grapes, bagel chips, Ah Caramel snack cakes, ice tea, and some bizarre pickled watermelon rind that my Mom bought in Georgia. We then spent the afternoon hanging out under a tree by the creek, pretending to be outdoorsy.

Some more pictures:

William in his stylish frog hat

Morty the Jackapoo

Craig and Eireann


zydeco fish said...

"pickled watermelon rind"

This must have been invented when the soothsayers predicted food shortages, or something. It seems wrong to me :-)

Jay said...

That William is a heartbreaker.
I adore picnics, how cool that you get to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

Leann said...

Morty looks identical to my jackapoo Janet. :)

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