Friday, October 26, 2007

William Pooed on the Potty!

My goal of producing a baby genius has officially been realized. 8 and a half months old and he pooed in the potty. Why would an eight month old be on a potty in the first place you ask? Well I read recently about "Elimination Communication" aka "Infant Toilet Training" aka "Natural Infant Hygiene", etc. Basically, teaching babies to use the potty from birth. William is considered a "late-starter".

I have an article to write for my magazine writing class, so I've been pursuing this potty thing, half-seriously, as part of my "research". I've been giving him naked-time and cooing "pee-pee" every time he makes a puddle on the floor (which is quite often). Well yesterday I decided we were ready for phase 2, so I bought him a little potty that's low enough to the ground that he can crawl off it if he wants (so as to avoid undo pressure and resulting psychological damage). Well he crawled up to me and I thought, maybe he wants to poo, so I put him on the potty and he went right away! The first day I bought the thing.

And yes, I admit the possibility that this was a fluke. I'm not the tree-hugging hippy you no doubt believe me to be at this point. I still think my baby is a genius though.

Update: it's not a fluke! He pooed on the potty again this morning!


Eric's Mommy said...

Holy crap! Ha Ha get it?
My son was 4 before he would officially poop on the potty. He always used the big potty, peeing was easy for him but the whole poop thing took a long time.

Chinachix said...

i'm gonna be following this development jen. perhaps you're on to something :).

Caz said...

Yay William!!! *clapping and grinning*

Btw Jen that's the cutest pic ever!!!

~Becca~ said...

I Agree... I Love the pic. It should be enlarged, and framed and hung in the front entrance till he moves out... Then he can take it for his own front entrance of his first place :D

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