Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's my dream to be part of a bad sci fi (literally)

I've been meaning to post this orangutan pic that I took at the zoo on Monday.  I like it because the bizarre reflections ended up looking like a badly done photoshop collage.  Anyway dreams are really just bad mental collages so I felt this photo was appropriate for this entry (even though it really has nothing to do with anything).

Long time readers of this blog will know that I used to regularly post my dreams.  Only lately I haven't dreamt anything (probably because that would require more consecutive hours of sleep).  Last night, though, I had a doozy.  Here (because I know everyone cares) it is:

The setting: a spaceship (I think).  In fact I only saw two rooms, one was reminiscent of the Next Gen Enterprise engineering section (minus the warpcore), the other somewhat like my parents' bedroom.

I arrived on the ship only to find it taken over by badies.  I also met two android women who were good guys.  One of the androids was wearing a strapless red gown and had her blond hair in an updo (don't remember what the other one looked like).  Because I was somehow related to whoever created these women, the formally dressed android looked "exactly like me" (I put that in quotes because in the dream I thought she was my double but, now that I think back, she didn't resemble me in the slightest).  

To fool the badies I pretended to be an android.  I was wearing my winter jacket (obviously, because I just got there) and I had to hold it closed because my clothes would somehow give away that I was human.  At one point the badie leader saw me and my "double" together and I said, in my best android voice, "I am the first, she is the second" as way of explaining why there were two of us.

The androids and I went "upstairs" to the parents' bedroom section of the ship to search for the item the badies wanted.  I had to pee, so I went to the washroom.  While there I found a fur shawl that I decided was much more android-like than my jacket so I put it on.  As I was adjusting the fur in front of the mirror I noticed that my face was covered in zits.  I was nervous now, thinking that my breakout would give away that I'm not an android.

Anyway I was about to sit on the toilet when the phone rang (yes, in the washroom).  There were two phones, both high on a shelf, one was an early-90s-style cordless with a retractable antenna that I remembered was there so that Stephanie could use the phone (Steph is my friend's sister who is in a wheel chair).  Anyway, I answered the cordless so I could chat while I peed.  

It was my Mom.  I told her about my predicament.  She showed some concern, but more "I burnt tonight's dinner" concern, rather than "my daughter is in mortal danger" concern.  Not that I blame her, the badies reminded me of those in the bad Knight Rider TV movie we watched last night: even though they would kill people at the drop of a hat, they weren't scary in the slightest.

And then I woke up, because I really did have to pee.


zydeco fish said...

Fascinating. I have no idea what it means, but did you take any narcotics before sleeping?

Super Happy Jen said...

I had another dream in which my family doctor reported to family services or whatever because he felt I was neglecting my child. Then he morphed into a baby and leapt off a banister to show how easy it was for a baby to get hurt when the parent isn't watching. This should have clued me in that it was a dream, but I was still really scared. I was going to go on the lam.

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