Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. William!

William's first birthday celebration went off without a hitch. I was ambitious enough to invite the family over and ambitious enough to make sushi (for extra impressiveness), though not ambitious enough to have a party with kids (yes, people do have birthday parties for one year olds).

Special thanks to all who were in attendance (in alphabetical order by relation to William):

Auntie Eireann

Auntie Julie




Mommy (yes, I'm thanking myself. I made the cake for Spock's sake!)



Uncle Craig

Pierogi Lasagna and cake were enjoyed by all, especially the birthday boy. And we stayed up until way past bedtime playing with all his new toys (and some of his old ones, he didn't descriminate).

Since I didn't invite any of William's peers over, I was quite glad that the big day fell on a Friday. As everyone who's anyone knows, Friday is baby drop-in day at the Early Years Centre, so we got to see all his friends (including his girlfriends). Plus, everyone sang Happy Birthday to William during circle time.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday William!!!

hugs and love

Nana Banks

Becca said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Your ONE NOW!!

zydeco fish said...

Wow. Time flies. Sounds like he had fun.

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