Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So close and yet, so houseless

Our realestate agent/friend of the family, Basha (Barbara to non-Polish people) has been sending us Burlington listings "in our price range". (By "in our price range" I mean that we'd be incredibly house-poor and have to give up some luxuries, but would have enough to scrape together enough money to own the house in 40 years). So yesterday we got sent a listing of a cute, 3-bedroom, one-floor semi at a ridiculously low price, well, ridiculously low for Burlington anyway.

We immediately arranged to see it and were surprised to find that, despite it's reasonable price, the house was not falling apart at the seams (although the several of the doors on the main level had what might have been fist holes in them, and the basement was a half-way done construction project). There were also fun features like a ramp leading up to the front door (very stroller friendly) and a My-Big-Fat-Greek-Weddingish proximity to my parents' house.

Right away we made an offer. Even though the house had only been listed for a day (it didn't even have a for sale sign up yet), five other people had already looked at the place and there was one other offer already on the table. So we sat down with our agent and made our offer as juicy as possible, offering a few thousand over asking price, letting the seller keep all their appliances, and even omitting any conditions about selling our place first (though we left enough time in the closing to offset that).

So Basha went off with her boxing gloves on and came back with the news that they wanted us to close the deal way earlier, like April. This being March, we couldn't be sure that we could sell our place in time, so instead we tried throwing another couple thousand at them (hey, it's the bank's money anyway right?) But, alas, these people were apparently in a huge hurry to get rid of their house and they didn't bite. So now we're stuck in our condo until another miracle listing comes along and someone else is moving into our house!

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zydeco fish said...

In my experience, this means that your perfect house has yet to find you, and it will. Of course, I could be talking crap.

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