Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Happy Fan

On Saturday we ran into my friend Kate at Zellers. Kate and I went to Ryerson together for magazine publishing, and ever since then both she and her Mom have been avid Super Happy Blog readers. I find it odd whenever this blog appeals to anyone who is not a blood relation, but Kate behaved as if she were running into a celebrity, even pulling out her camera to get a picture of us. I should also give a shout out to Kate's Mom, whom I've never met, but enjoys reading the super happy details of my super happy life . Hi Kate's Mom!

Now that I'm famous enough to have been spotted in the mall, I think it's high time I started merchandising. So all you super happy fans can get some super happy stuff through my cafepress page (previously reserved for atheist apparel). There's a journal pictured below but you can also get t-shirts, bags, and even thong undies.

No, I'm not expecting these designs to be popular, and yes, this is more for my amusement than anything else. In any case, you can buy and browse HERE. Also note, because I'm too lazy for price adjustment, I make the same amount whether something is sold for $10 or $30.

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Betsy McBurney said...

Hey Jennifer, What a surprise to check in to your blog and see my own sweet girl with you and William!!
Thank you for sharing William's first year with all of us! It brings back lots of wonderful memories of the years when my three were little (Kate and two brothers, born within three and a half years...and I LOVED it!!).
Of course, now that Kate is married, as I read your blog (so well written, by the way - a serious part of its charm for me!!)
I can dream a little of the day when a grandchild (or ten)arrives.
I was a La Leche League leader for many years as well, so your success with breastfeeding is something I've been happy to read about.
Best wishes...and I look forward to more news about a very impressive young family.
XOXO Betsy McBurney

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