Monday, August 25, 2008

Get Well Soon, Dear Friend

Today was going to be the day when I got back into my writing, I was going to work on my languishing sci fi novel, I was going to write hundreds, maybe even thousands of words.  Whole chapters of award-worthy brilliance were going to spring onto the screen through my zealously typing fingers.  After I played my new computer game for a few minutes of course.

In the middle of a rousing game of computer Clue (which I'm sure I would have won, thus earning me a Colonel Mustard badge), my computer suddenly shut down.  Now worries, said I, she can be temperamental.  I booted her back up.  The computer tower buzzed to life.  It whirred and beeped and blinked and all the other things a computer does when the elves inside are initiating the launch sequence.   The monitor, on the other hand, feebly flashed a blank screen at me.

I booted her up again.  Again the tower did its diligent job of noisily coming to life, again the monitor disappointed.

I flicked the power bar on and off, thinking that maybe hitting the on/off switch on the tower wasn't enough to REALLY boot her up.  No success.

I called tech support (my husband) who suggested that perhaps the video card had overheated and the computer just "needed a rest". I turned off the computer and let it rest while I did the laundry, coloured with Mr. William, and played race the matchbox cars.  I turned it on again with no luck.

Having no idea what to do in a computerless house, Mr. William and I went to the Early Years Centre.  When we came home, the computer was still broke, and William was ready for a nap.  

Now my son is napping, and I am using my husband's Mac, which has one of those pretentious brushed steel keyboards, and an annoying trackball mouse.  Also being a Mac, you can't right-click anything and the commands to cut and paste stuff are all wrong.  And you can't play my games.  Or load my files.

Sigh.... I miss my 'puter.


zydeco fish said...

You hit the one thing that prevents me from being a Mac guy: the lack of a right mouse click. I just don't get the Mac mouse at all. It seems so old school.

Adam Filipowicz said...

ok My mouse (logitech trackball) has all the same buttons as any pc with a mouse so you can right click
i dont like the one button mice that come with Macs myself

.. The Husband

Super Happy Jen said...

and yet I recall being recently annoyed that something that should be right-clickable, wasn't. I can't recall what, but if I come across it again, you will be informed.

And anyway, what kind of sicko would design an operating system where right-clicks are needed, when the computer that runs it comes with a one-button mouse?

BTW: I hate your stupid trackball.

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