Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Morty the Jackapoo: Day One

My parents went to a friend's cottage for a few days and (since there will be a cat in attendance) Morty the Jackapoo was not invited. So I get to be substitute Dog-mommy for the rest of the week. Morty is a small, but high-jumping dog, who my parents walk 500 times a day, and who my mother feels needs a sitter even if they are only gone for two hours.

This morning William and I had to go to our registered program at the Early Years Centre just after Mom and Dad dropped the pup off. The program basically involves William running around with other toddlers, doing a craft (if he feels like it), eating a snack (sometimes even his own), and running around some more until he's so exhausted that he might actually sit for songs in circle time. William falls asleep in the car on the way home.

My main concern this morning: there is a high-jumping jackapoo in the house; will he wake the baby? As I was carrying my sleeping baby into the house, sure enough there was Morty, leaping and licking. I tried to shield William with my body, but Morty was too quick, tickling William's toes with his tongue. William giggled, but miraculously stayed asleep.

Then, about a minute after I lay William down in his crib, Morty barked. My son did not wake up. It appears I underestimated the sedative powers of an Early Years Centre Program!

Morty's attempts to wake William having been unsuccessful, he now has to wait at least an hour, maybe two, before I can take him for a walk. Poor little Morty, not as many walkies to be had at Auntie Jen's house.

(and now to inspect the house for chewed baby toys)

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zydeco fish said...

I am not sure why, but I like the name Morty for a dog.

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