Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Adventures of a Napping Toddler

William normally naps at 1 pm. Today:

Went to a playdate/baby shower. Stayed until 2:30 pm.

William fell asleep in the car.

Got home. Saw a note on the door from my Mom and remembered that I was supposed to pick up Morty the Jackapoo to look after while my parents are at the cottage.

Drove to my parents'. William stayed asleep.

Put Morty in the car. Jadzia shrieked happily. Morty whimpered. William stayed asleep.

Drove home again. Tried to convince Morty to go outside so I could put William to bed. He refused.

Carried William to his room while Morty was leaping on me. William stayed asleep.

Noticed that William's bed had no sheets or pillow. Remembered he had wet the bed the night before.

Lay him down anyway. He woke up briefly, stared at me, then rolled over and went back to sleep.

Got Jadzia from the car. (I know, I know, but she was only alone in the car for a minute). Put her in the exersaucer.

Morty licked her face immediately. She cried. William still did not wake up.

In other news: Today Jadzia got her first taste of chocolate cake, which she stole from one of William's girlfriends.

Also: On the way to the playdate, I saw a woman walking her cat on a leash.


Columbia Thorndale said...

Will he sleep at night? I feel very rolly polly after eating so many cookies and so much cake. Mmmmmmm....

Super Happy Jen said...

He'll sleep.

Anonymous said...

I know what it's like to be spotted walking a cat on a leash. Next time you see her, smile and wave and let her know you don't think people with cats on leashes are nuts because we're not. Really. We're not. And one day the the voices in my head will understand that too.

Lynda, (the cat walker who thought the word verification below was pervi instead of previ, and actually preferred it that way)

Super Happy Jen said...

Just get a dog Lynda!

Anonymous said...

What? And leave the cat walking population one member short? Never! If nothing else, we're loyal.

Cat Walkers Untie!

(And today's verification word is farlow, which isn't half as much fun as pervi)

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