Thursday, December 03, 2009


It's happened again, I've neglected my blog. I have a few excuses for this:
  • William is in the process of giving up naps and thus I have less me time during the day. Also my exhaustion level rises proportionate to his crankiness level.
  • I've been spending my evenings watching DVD box sets of tv shows I borrowed from the library. They only give you a week before you get slapped with a fine and forget about renewing because they're all on hold.
  • I've actually been writing my novel for a change. The wonderful people in my writer's group know that I'm pretty good at neglecting that.
  • General laziness.

I have been doing things, though. My mind is itching with events that, while perhaps not interesting to the world, are blog-worthy at least for documentation purposes. Stay tuned.

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