Friday, October 10, 2008

Post-a-day Marathon Day 1

My husband tells me that I should be posting a blog entry every day. He says this will generate interest in my blog (though I'm not sure this was ever my goal). I think he just wants something to read when he gets bored at work and, this being the turkey-day long weekend, he probably won't even read my posts until Tuesday. At any rate, this is today's entry in my new one-post-a-day marathon.

Another thing my husband/critic showed me is this website he heard about on the news: The goal of the site is to keep Harper out of power because (they say) he's bad for the environment. I'm sure you can think of your own reasons not to vote Conservative, but this site prevents you from having to think (bonus!). Just type in your postal code and they'll tell you who to vote for based, for the most part, on which MP has a chance of beating Harper's lacky in your riding. The site is telling me to vote Liberal, which I probably would have done anyway, but in some ridings they'd rather you vote NDP. Or you could vote based on looks. Both strategies are equally likely to change anything.


Adam Filipowicz said...

you are wrong..

Super Happy Jen said...

Wrong about what? My vote changing anything? My decision to vote liberal? Harper being bad for the environment? Referring to Thanksgiving as "Turkey-day"? Jeez, I wish some people's husbands were more specific with their comments.

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