Monday, January 18, 2010

Jadzia walks and talks and smooches

Jadzia is getting to be quite the pro at walking, especially when there's music to groove along to. Not only that but she knows some more words. She quite clearly says Mommy, Daddy, pretty, uh-oh, thank you, and Hi. She also says something that sounds like "William". She's an excellent mimicker, aswell. Today when William was playing guns, she imitated the "Pshoo" sound of a lazer so she could get in on the fun.

And for extra cuteness: Jadzia gives kisses. She says "Mmmmmmn" while making as much of a kissy face she can make (depending on how close she is to bursting into laughter), then she'll either kiss you on the lips, wait for you to kiss her on the lips, or giggle and walk away. Yesterday she started to do this for a picture of me making a kissy face.

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