Thursday, January 28, 2010

William quotes of the day

Handing me a small lego creation: "Here's your gun.  You be a shooting guy and I'll be a happy guy."

"I'm not afraid of Santa.  Santa comes for Christmas."

After coughing into his arm: "I just coughed in my elbow.  I should cough in my elbow just like Daddy does."

After watching a cartoon about pirates: "I remember I was a parrot in the sea."

"I don't want to wear a shirt or pants or socks.  I just want to wear my underwear!"

Sitting on the toilet discussing the flusher handle:  "We could take that one off and get a rocket ship.  That looks like a rocket, but it's not a rocket ship."

Update: Just after I finished writing this post William walked in holding his nipples.  "What are these?" I told them they are his nipples.  "Oh nipples, oh yes, I like nipples."

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