Sunday, November 28, 2010

And this is why they get in free

After multiple readings of Franklin's Class Trip, I had the urge to take the kids to the Royal Ontario Museum.  I haven't been since it's been redesigned with all kinds of crazy angles, making it look as if a UFO landed on the old ROM. The building juts out at a diagonal now so when you're standing next to it you feel like it's going to fall over on you any second.  It's actually pretty cool.

We paid the extra ten bucks to see the chinese terracota empire exhibit.  See back in the day, the big shots had themselves buried with hundreds of statues of servants, warriors, farm animals, etc to help them in the afterlife.  Only now all the statues are in the museum, so somewhere out there some Emperors are saying to themselves "Dude!  Where are all my chickens?"

William kept asking to go to the dinosaurs from the moment we got there.  Jadzia, on the other hand, was interested in everything but by that I mean everything, including things that weren't necessarily exhibits.  Luckily they had some reproductions that you could touch, and I had fun showing her those, even with William constantly whining "Let's just go see something else".
The dinosaurs were awesome, enormous and fearsome the way dinosaurs should be.   You'd think William would be excited.  But no, we made the mistake of discussing the bat cave.  So while we were looking at the dinosaurs all he wanted to do was go there.
We got to the bat cave which is a dinky little reproduction of a dark cavern with rubber bats hanging from a ceiling and audio that plays only in French, no matter how vigorously one pushes the English button. We went through twice.

We spent most of the rest of our time in the children's area:

The highlight of the day (at least for the kids) was this stage Jadzia discoved in front of one of the video exhibits; great for dancing, jumping, and general goofiness.  I leave you with this video of their performance:


Columbia Thorndale said...


very cute too!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for dinosaurs. You will have brilliant kids now.

This is a comment from Craig

Cara said...

I'm glad you made it to the ROM! From your review, I'm not sure if you liked it or not. We spent our entire time on the second floor too. That's why I think it might be good to go for half-price Friday nights...spend a couple of hours playing before bed.

Adam Filipowicz said...

It was a good time.. kids were good.. so it was a good time :)

Sharon Clare said...

I love the museum!!! I took my nieces a couple years ago and I have the exact same pictures. Maybe one day I'll see more than dinosaurs, bats and the kid's section.

biodork said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I love museums, but I haven't had a chance to visit this one. I don't have kids, but every once in a while I'll babysit for friends, and that inevitably involves some sort of field trip or another. I love to take them to all of the interactive exhibits that my husband won't let me play with when we go to museums by ourselves :) Heck yeah, I wanna build a heart with legos!

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