Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Tis the Season

This morning my facebook friends reminded me that Santa Claus was coming to the mall by helicopter.  So we got the kids all ready and piled into the car, even though the moment we stepped outside it was fairly obvious that no helicopter would be flying today.  Fog on top of fog. 

We went anyway.  There was a crowd of people gathered in the Zellers parking lot.  Some random elves gave us foam red antlers and tiny candy canes.  Jadzia was in the middle of a two-day tantrum, and she wanted to wear her antlers, didn't want to wear her antlers, wanted to be picked up, didn't want to be held, wanted hats and mits, didn't want hats and mits.  She was momentarily appeased by the bagpipe band playing Christmas carols in kilts.  William was more excited to see his friend Leyla than the big man in red.

Santa arrived by fire truck.  Yawn.  We stuck around because Santa was walking down the line shaking everyone's hand.  Only when he got to our spot he just kept walking, skipping like ten little kids!  I promised the William and Jadzia that we would come back another day to visit Santa when he wasn't so busy, but honestly I was feeling more disappointed than they were.

I had planned to grab some socks for William while we were there, so we made the mistake of going into the mall.  Jadzia refused to be held but also wouldn't walk or do anything besides whine.  William behaved long enough to pick out his socks.  Before we left home we prepared him that we weren't going to buy any food or toys at the store.  Of course as soon as we passed the candy aisle he suddenly became REALLY REALLY HUNGRY and desperately needed candy and a hotwheels car.  He flipped out so bad I had to carry him out of the store kicking and screaming (literally, I'm not just using an expression here).

We were supposed to go out for lunch afterwards but instead we decided to cut out losses and head home.  Ho. Ho. Ho.

Thank goodness for Karaoke tonight.  I need it!

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