Friday, November 11, 2011

It's all about me.

Now that you're all done your Remembrance Day moment of silence, I'm sure you're dying to know how my birthday went yesterday.  I started the morning the way I start every Thursday, by taking Jadzia to the Early Years for the Nobody's Perfect parenting program, while my husband, who had taken the day off, put the finishing touches on my mystery cake.

After the program I dropped Jadzia off at my friend Columbia's house to watch for the afternoon.  Adam and I went out for a sushi lunch, then we went for a leisurely bike ride around the neighbourhood.  By then it was almost time to pick William up from school.  Adam walked to pick up William while I drove to get Jadzia (who was amusing herself with Columbia's spoon collection).

I opened my presents fairly soon thereafter.  A red shirt moose bag, the Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-ray and some red sandals to replace the ones that Worf murdered (too bad winter's coming).  William and Jadzia each drew me a picture. Will's was extra special because he worked really hard on it, started it in school and had Adam help him finish it.

While the kids and I watched Back to the Future II (quite a bit more language in that movie than I remembered) Adam went to the store and purchased three live lobsters.  The kids and I amused ourselves watching our dinner crawl around in the sink.  One of them was actually quite feisty, but Adam managed to subdue him using a large pot of boiling water.  The kids split one lobster (though William enjoyed his half a lot more than Jadzia did) and Adam and I each had one to ourselves.  It was delicious and made me want to cook live lobster more often.

After dinner it was cake time.  Adam had made me a cellular peptide cake with mint frosting! Of course instead of cellular peptide it was chocolate and instead of mint frosting it had hard chocolate coating and blue creamy icing. The cake was a definite win, using solid chocolate to ice it was a stroke of genius, as was the fairly obscure Trek reference.  It warms my heart to know that my husband is just as much of a nerd as I am.

 For those of you who don't get the reference, watch this clip of Data having a fairly disturbing dream:
This isn't the end of the birthday festivities, oh no.  Tomorrow (Saturday) I am going karaokeing with whichever friends decide to show up (I invited pretty much everyone on facebook).  The only catch is that the bar we're going to couldn't reserve a table for us, and I couldn't find another place.  Ah well, I'm just going to show up with my posse and hope for the best. I don't mind having to stand as long as I get to sing!

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Jane Isfeld Still said...

Very fun, interesting birthday :)Loved the cake did you pose? LOL

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