Saturday, November 19, 2011

Omi and Medieval Times

Yesterday I went to Medieval Times and today I attended my grandmother's "celebration of life" which is like a funeral only more festive and cheery.  These two events are in no way related to each other.  One involved a fun excursion with a friend I haven't hung out with in a while (Hi Amy!) the other involved chatting with family members that I only see at weddings and "celebrations of life".  Are you reading my blog yet, Jodi? E-mail me!

I could bore you to death with an account of both of these but instead I will amuse myself my imagining what it would be like if my late Omi had attended Medieval Times with me.  

As we drove up she would have given each of my children a box of Smarties to make them smart.  She never knew my kids, but she would have loved them.  She loved all children, especially her grandkids. When we got into the buy stuff area, Omi would have bought William a sword and a shield and armour and anything else he was vaguely interested in, she would not have accepted our money for this.  In fact, she would try to shove a fist of twenties into my hand.

While we were watching the show, Omi would tell me how handsome she thought the Black and White Knight was.  He had short dark hair, and the other knights had long hair.  When he gave out flowers to random women in the audience, she would have called out "Woohoo!" until she got one. 

She would have denounced the violence as "silly" while at the same time happily cheering on our Black and White Knight. She would try to make me eat half of her chicken on top of my own, not taking no for an answer.  Failing that, she would wrap any extra food in napkins and shove it into her purse.

The Black and White Knight gave Jadzia a sash that said "Queen of Love and Beauty", but I'm pretty sure if Omi had been there she would have gotten the title.  She had a way of standing out in a crowd (partially to do with her tight low-cut leopard print tops) and she was always so full of love, and absolutely beautiful.

Adam just asked if I was writing about my grandmother, and if I was to be sure to mention the awesome pictures he printed for her celebration. He made three big boards full of pictures, two with black and whites and one with colour.  They looked beautiful against a black background, and each board rested on an easel he had borrowed from work.  It really made the room feel special.  For those of you who came and enjoyed my spaetzle the recipe is here.


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Cara said...

I'm sorry about your Grandma. She sounds like she was super fun and awesome, just like you!

Super Happy Jen said...

Thanks. She was super fun and awesome and left quite the legacy of super fun and awesome people.

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