Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Improveriffic V-day

Tonight I went to possibly the greatest Valentine's Day* show in the universe at the Staircase Theater, where I go to improv class every Monday.  After buying our tickets we filled out a card about how we first met, because in the show they choose three couples to interview on stage.  I was hoping I would be chosen, because I enjoy an outing a hundred times more when it's all about me.

On the card we were asked to describe our partner in one word.  My word for Adam was "huggable" and Adam's word for me was "distractable".  Hmmn.

We sat right in the front row and the host (Devlin, also one of my improv teachers) called us up first.  (I was told later that they picked randomly and didn't know that I was in fact "their Jen"). We sat on a comfy couch and were interviewed about how we first met (over balloons at a friend's birthday party).  Then we chose a couple of improv actors to play us in the reenactment.  

I chose Jessica to play me because I happen to know she is very funny, and also she wears glasses and looks a bit like I did in my early years of dating Adam.  I've already forgot the name of the guy who played Adam, but again, it's all about me.

Adam had told the story of how when he picked me up to go to a movie, my whole family was watching from the window, so they kind of melded that with our first kiss.  The actors playing us were having an intimate moment doing eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses, while all the rest of the improvisers pretended to be my family watching from behind a curtain. Most of them were gesturing with their tongues to encourage us to kiss, while the "Dad" was shaking his head and scowling.  Priceless.

We got flowers and a pack of gummy hearts for participating.  Then, later on in the show, I won a raffle prize.  Guess what? Tickets for two to improv bootcamp, where I go anyway every Monday!

I thought we were pretty boring, especially since the couple who went after us had sex on their front lawn the night they first met. After the show, though, people kept coming up to us and telling us how great we were. I'm not sure why. The improvisers were great, all we did was answer questions.

As we were leaving another one of my teachers told Adam that his wife is very funny.  Yay!

*My husband says that I should write about my son's birthday party instead, since that is a much more important event.  I agree that my baby turning five tomorrow is far more important and his birthday party we had on Sunday deserves a post, but the V-day show is fresher in my mind and more appropriate for a February 14th entry. Also I'm too lazy to upload the party pictures from my camera just yet. Maybe tomorrow on his actual birthday. Or sometime I don't know.


Jay Noel said...

That sounds like so much fun.

I love improv. I used to coach speech and debate, and they started an improv competition. So cool

Columbia Thorndale said...

Jealous 2 free bootcamps for you! Glad you guys had a great time

Bee Ham said...

Yay! I was so happy that they picked you, I wanted to hear your story. :)

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