Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I spy a desk (somewhere under there)

World renown author Sylvia McNicoll (who happens to be my mother) recently posted about her efforts to clean her office. She was inspired by fellow author Arthur Slade, who posted a pic of his treadmill desk on his blog.  My Mom wasn't so much impressed by the treadmilling (she has a treadmill of her own) but by the cleanliness of Art's work area.  Mom, don't you think he cleaned before taking the pic? 

Anyway Mom's post inspired me. Not to clean of course (let's not get crazy), but to post this pic of my desk:

And if you want to have extra fun with my hoarders-style work space.  I shall pay homage to Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick, creators of the I Spy series that my kids enjoy so much. 

I spy a lamp
A handprint, a gun,
A bear in a hoodie
And a Dalek for fun

I spy a pink laptop
A Scattergories game
A newspaper clipping
And my son's first name.

Bonus: What other interesting things can you spy in this picture?  If you can make them rhyme you can even write another verse, which is not as easy as it looks by the way.

1 comment:

Sylvia McNicoll said...

Doesn't look all that messy--it's what spills on the floor that really creates the hoarder look, I think.

I love the poetry.

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