Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Canada Day

I just got home from the Canada Day fireworks.  We met up with some friends, with kids who have known my kids since infancy and marched down the street singing Happy Birthday to Canada.  When we got to the park we laid out our blankets and were joined by more friends, and my parents.  It was past the children's bedtimes but they stayed awake by eating oranges and popcorn, wrestling and giggling together, and dancing to Ashley MacIsaac's enthusiastic fiddle-playing.

When the fiddling was done, we stood up as a woman in a red dress came on stage and sang O Canada.  The end of the anthem was punctuated by the first fireworks.  Every colourful explosion was followed by squeals of "more! more!"  The display was just as gorgeous as my husband's fancy dancy photo would have you believe.

On the walk back to the car, we glanced across the lake and saw another fireworks display in the distance. Dispite their exhaustion, and in fact because of it, the kids attempted to climb a fence to get a closer look. By the time we had had our hugs, said our goodbyes, and brought our tired children home to bed, it was almost July 2nd.

Just enough time to post a blog before the stroke of midnight. Good night, Canada.  Happy Birthday.

Update: Our group made the Burlington Post Canada Day slideshow.  Check out #22, #28 and #35.

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Siobhan said...

Sounds like you had a good time, Jen. We set up a tent in the backyard for Tyler so he could do his 'first' campout.

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