Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The place is full of gorgeous children

Interning at a magazine called Today's Parent you'd think I'd be used to seeing the odd baby. But here on the 8th floor it's business as usual, with no sign whatever that March Break is in full swing. When I went down to the lunchroom though I saw various babes, most of the infant variety but also a few more seasoned preschoolers. In any group of children there's bound to be one ugly one, but not so today. They were all so beautiful, I was sure there was some kind of minor photoshoot going on (but not for TP? What's this?). My curiousity won out and I asked one stroller Mom what the big event was. She said that she had no idea. She was on mat leave and her and her fellow mat-leaver decided to come in and show off their new cuties. She reminded me that it was March Break, but, says I, there's no school children here. For babies, it should just be any other week. So I conclude that this was all some bizarre coincidence.

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