Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A word about fat free cheese

My husband, being a health conscious sort, recently purchased a package of fat free kraft single slices. I was leary of them as I put the translucent slices on my sandwich this morning. Perhaps, thought I, I have an unfair bias towards opaque cheese and these are perfectly fine. They do have the same plasticy texture and unnatural orange-yellow that I've come to know and love (yes, I am in that minority of people who LOVE the kraft singles). After eating my sandwich I can now give you this review of the offending cheese:

They melt at room temperature, or slightly below. Even if they're still cold, they melt. And we're not talking yummy cheesey melting. No. I think the way kraft pulled off this whole fat free thing is by replacing the milk with water (not the most appetizing thing to do with cheese). So basically my cheese was drooling. As far as taste, yes, they do taste reminiscent of regular single slices, but I was turned off by the texture and didn't enjoy it. Maybe they would work on cheeseburgers? Or not.


zydeco fish said...

"my cheese was drooling" is the best line I've read in a while.

~Becca~ said...

Ewwww.... I never trust chese that comes wrapped in as much plastic as it weighs.

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