Monday, March 27, 2006

The sunny stop

This morning I missed my subway stop. I totally zoned out and by the time I noticed that the white tiled wall I was staring at had BLOOR written across it in bold greenish letters, the door was half closed and a barely intelligible voice was broadcasting over the loudspeakers "Stand clear of the doors". I lept at the doors anyway as my logic circuits hadn't quite kicked in.

Once the train started moving again I looked around to see if anybody had noticed my idiotic behaviour. In true Toronto fashion, my fellow subwayers avoided eye contact. I got off at Rosedale.

I always forget, until I get there, that Rosedale is outside rather than underground. What a beautiful stop. It was such a treat to see the sun that I was almost disappointed when the southbound train only took 30 seconds to arrive (I said almost, keep in mind I'm the person who would rather walk for an hour than wait 5 minutes).

And that was my event for the day. Enjoy the sunshine.

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1 comment:

zydeco fish said...

In New York City, people would have laughed at you. At least, that is what heppened to a friend had there once.

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