Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Baby goes to the doctor/ Baby goes to school

This morning I had another prenatal appointment where they took my blood. This time they made me drink a bottle of orange pop (special prescription orange pop of course) and then wait an hour. The vampires wanted the blood to have a little flavouring I guess. This is the test that is supposed to tell if I've turned into a diabetic.

Anyhoo. Tonight we went to our first prenatal class (we being me, my husband, Adam, and my unborn son). The teacher was this nurse who looks about thirty but says she has a twenty-year-old daughter. She talked a bit about nutrition and exercise and other pregnancy stuff. Like any first class, we just glossed over a little of everything and didn't really learn anything new. Some highlights:

At one point, the guys left the room and the women were asked to make a list of all the changes we noticed during the pregnancy (the guys made their own list). The woman who was jotting stuff down kept censoring what I said. For example, I'd say "my boobs are humongous!" and she's write "fuller breasts", and I'd say "I'm getting stupid" and she'd write "forgetfulness." This was kind of fun. Of course, being that we all had Mom Brain, we forgot about all the positive pregnancy stuff, like baby kicks, and not having a period. I cannot stress enough how much I love not having my period.

Near the end the teacher walked us through a relaxation exercise so that we'll have something to take our mind off the pain when we're in labour (she said this was necessary even if we plan to have an epidural because you don't always get juiced up right away). I got sort of lost when she asked us to visualize stuff, running through a meadow, etc. I pretty much gave up when she told us to picture a box and put our concerns in it. I'm sitting there thinking: "Okay I got the box open now how do I put my concerns in it? What does a concern look like? How do I visualize it? Have I pictured a big enough box?" and by this time the rest of the class is down the garden path, playing in a stream or something. So I just kept breathing in and out, which I admit is pretty relaxing, though by the end I was getting bored. Can we get out of this meadow and get on with the class, thought I. Adam thinks this is due to an undiagnosed attention deficit disorder and that only I would get bored of relaxation.


Lady S said...

I think I would be a terrible meditator for the same reason. I cannot picture worries or concerns and I certainly cannot put them in a box.

SuperKier said...

i loved the last part of this post! i must admit, i'd be doing the same thing re the box and concerns, but not due to a.d.d, i'm just incredibly neurotic :0)
oh, and if you get another bad cold, try slicing up a little fresh ginger and simmering it in water for a few minutes, then add some honey and lemon. it really, really does work.

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